Working Internationally

Get some hands-on advice how to use crosscultural skills or intercultural competencies for working internationally more successfully – from communication and negotiations to sales, team building and leadership.

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4 Tips For Successful International Business Communication

There are some general rules of thumb for successful business communication that can be applied regardless where you are going.

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Good Leadership Is A Matter Of Culture

As more top managers seek to develop their global skills through going on international assignments, they should be aware that the definition of a strong leader is a matter of culture.

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How To Exchange Business Cards Abroad

When working internationally, you should know all about how to exchange business cards in other countries and which relevance they have when doing business abroad.

Trust Across Cultures

If you are planning a business travel, maybe sprinkled with some negotiations, trust is definitely on your mind.

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Personal Space: Where Do You Stand On Where You Should Stand?

The question of how close to stand to someone is really important in international business communication.

saving face China global management decisions

Saving Face In Global Business

To respect somebody else’s face is as important as to save one’s own face. This rule of thumb is essential for successful business in Asia.

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Negotiation Skills In International Business

How to successfully negotiate across cultures is one of the most important aspects of international business relations, with quite high stakes!

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Doing Business Abroad - 5 Things To Research

There are countless things you can prepare before doing business abroad, but start with these, and you will have some really strong basics!

great global leader

10 Traits Of A Great Global Leader

Just as leadership in itself, being a global leader takes a particular set of competencies, that are a combination of hard and soft skills.

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Becoming A Global Leader - 5 Lessons To Learn

Having to manage an international team doesn’t mean you are a global leader. You have to become one. Here are 5 lessons to learn!

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Leading International Virtual Teams

With the global workplace expanding, international virtual teams are definitely not a new trend. But what if virtual collaboration is arriving overnight?

Global DISC™ multinational virtual teams working internationally

How To Keep Virtual Teams Engaged

How to keep virtual team members around the world engaged is “a hot thought” in the heads of many leaders.