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Why crossculture2go?

Are you tired of spending all day in an on-site training that claims to show you everything you will ever need to know? How many times have you listened to 10+ other participants lengthily introducing themselves and the two loud-mouthed ones asking too many questions you don’t find helpful at all? Have you most of the key takeaways from the last big group event already forgotten?

If that is you, change track. Get targeted individual virtual support exactly when you need it. Talk directly to your chosen expert or coach about what you really want and need to know right now – for successfully doing business across borders, leading your global team with confidence, achieving your international career goals or mastering life challenges abroad. Get inspired by experienced, global-minded people who focus on you and no one else in the room.

Spend an hour or two on your hot topic and the rest of the day on the work you enjoy. Return to your trusted coach whenever you need more support or simply select a different expert for each new challenge that arises in your daily global business life. Pay as you go, no strings attached.

And if all you currently want to know about are the basics of doing business in a specific country, our experts have recorded videos and courses with qualified information about initiating business, communication, meetings, presentations and negotiations. So just watch a couple of country-specific Videos2go or do a Country Course and learn how to do things the local way. It can be that easy!

Get matched with your personal coach and benefit from their experience and expertise. Develop your global business skills, be more confident and successful when collaborating, negotiating, and selling across borders!

Our intercultural coaches have recorded short videos for you to learn about the essentials when doing business across cultures. Watch & Learn how business is done around the world!