Visitors From Brazil

Visitors from Brazil are usually uncomplicated guests to have: They are not too demanding and in addition to that very flexible. Yet, for you as the host, the planning of your Brazilian business partners’ stay is by far more challenging since you might not be able to get all the needed information in time, e.g. the final number of delegates, the exact arrival time or the place where they are staying. The reason for this is that Brazilians are rather short-term oriented and are therefore not too good at forward-looking planning. Maybe consider offering your help concerning local arrangements.


Hierarchies are important in Brazil. This is why your Brazilian guests should be welcomed in any case by equal ranking delegates from your side. Always keep in mind that in Brazil hospitality plays an important role. So please make your guests feel welcome right from the start and show them that you are happy to have them with you. And of course, all transfers including the one from the airport to the hotel should also be well organized.

Time schedule

Your time schedule should include room for possible delays since in Brazil it is not really common to be right on time. In addition to that meetings and other appointments with your Brazilian business partners may take longer than you originally had in mind since a good and interesting conversation is very important to them. Therefore it is wise to schedule not too many appointments during their stay. Keep in mind that an hour in Brazil may often last a little longer than 60 minutes.

Meetings In Brazil

Leisure time

Don’t forget to include leisure time in your schedule. And in the case of accompanying partners and family members, you should have an alternative social program ready. In order to plan the right activities for all guests, feel free to ask in advance what they would like to do. The visit of a restaurant with local dishes or the attendance at a regional wine degustation might be something your guests will like. They also might be interested in sports events or cultural highlights.

While you should really take good care of your Brazilian guests, it may well be the case that they would like to spend some time by themselves as well. Brazilians like to go shopping and they will be grateful to get the opportunity to buy some small gifts for their family at home. So be prepared to have some tips for your guests at hand where to go.

Private invitations

If you have known your Brazil business partners for a while already, an invitation for a meal at your home will be appreciated very much. Brazilians are very hospitable. So make them feel welcome by preparing many local dishes to try. Make sure that you serve meat dishes as well as some good wine. And don’t forget to be open, friendly and entertaining.


At the end of the visit, you may exchange small gifts: sweets, picture books or giveaways with the logo of your company are suitable for this occasion. Your Brazilian guests will most likely also have presents from home ready for you.

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