Visitors From Argentina

When your Argentinian business partners visit you in your country, you should always keep in mind that Argentinians are generally very relationship-oriented. Friendly interaction plays a major role in being able to do business successfully. Welcome your guests warmly and plan some social activities around your business appointments. Just imagine that your guest are distant relatives and make sure to give them personal attention!


It goes without saying that a warm welcome includes personally picking up your Argentinian business partners at the airport and taking them to the hotel.


The hotel can be of the same standard as normal international hotels. However, make sure to book a higher room category for the head or boss than for the rest of the delegation. In Argentina, great importance is attached to hierarchies and this should be reflected in your choice of rooms.

Sightseeing program

You don’t need to create a special activity program for your Argentinian guests. There is really no need to organize sushi dinners and sauna visits. A little bit of normal sightseeing will be just fine. Simply show the Argentinians the unique features of your city or region and give them a normal, realistic picture of your country.

Don’t stick too closely to a timetable for their visit. Allow your guests plenty of time to do their own things. For instance, Argentinians like to shop when they are abroad. Just listen and you’ll quickly find out what your guests are particularly interested in. Then you can decide whether shopping in the city center is enough to satisfy them or whether they would prefer visiting an outlet or shopping center.

Please also plan an activity for Sunday. If stores are closed, you might want to organize a joint excursion.

Private invitations

Argentinians will be delighted to be invited to your home. You don’t have to overdo things here either. No matter if your apartment or your house, your garden, your children – your guests will be interested in all of it.

Going out for meals

When you visit a restaurant together, please remember that it is quite unusual in Argentina to split the bill. And, of course, it is a sure thing that you invite your Argentinian guests.


It is not common for gifts to be given to guests in Argentina. However, Argentinians will always appreciate a good bottle of wine. Argentina also produces some excellent red wines and is considered to be the most important wine country in South America. So, if you receive some Argentinian red wine as a gift, you can look forward to enjoying a really good drop!

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