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Virtual Collaboration

From small multinational teams to big international projects, if the collaboration is all virtual any team or project leader faces many challenges that result from limitations in communication, transparency and organisation.

Different time zones and languages are the best-known hurdles in virtual collaboration. But there are many, many more due to cultural differences in the way team members from different countries communicate, solve problems, fulfil tasks or respond to a certain management style. To successfully lead any virtual collaboration, you will have to guide your culturally mixed team to overcome these hurdles and to work together in an effective and harmonious way.

Our intercultural coaches are experienced in any form of global virtual collaboration and will support you to develop the right approach for your team. They will equip you with skills and cultural knowledge to grow as a leader and maximise results when working virtually with people from all over the world.

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Virtual Collaboration - Coaching Topics

Successful team or project leaders rely on virtual collaboration coaching to

  • develop a virtual team leader skillset

  • strategically adapt communication skills to match expectations of multinational team members

  • identify how team members with different cultural backgrounds respond to management or leadership styles

  • learn organisational skills to deal with the practicalities of any international virtual collaboration
  • check cultural specifics of mixed teams to create the right supportive measures

  • clearly understand the working style or decision-making-process of people from other countries

  • maximise the outcome of international virtual collaborations

  • prepare for upcoming virtual collaborations

  •     …

Select your target country, preferred language and the topic “virtual collaboration” so that we can show you profiles of matching intercultural coaches. Choose your favourite coach and talk directly here on our secure coaching platform.

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