Doing Business In The USA

In the land of opportunity each individual can make a dream come true. However, there’s more to it than that. It is a general belief in US-American business life to always think in a visionary way and to strive for the highest possible.

This can be seen, for example, in project planning. In the USA, at first, a major goal is formulated. Then people sit down and think about how this goal can be achieved.

Detailed planning of individual steps is usually not provided. US-Americans don’t look at too many details and also don’t define subgoals to be achieved one after another. They prefer to start working straight away and to react to problems in a flexible and creative manner whenever they might arise.

To simply follow a vision is rarely considered as being too risky or too dangerous. US-Americans don’t waste much time on taking precautions in case of any worst case scenarios. Go for it!

In US-American Business English you won’t hear the word “problem”. Instead, US-Americans rise to the “challenge”! While many international managers might want to express their major concerns in the first place, US-Americans will rather talk about “a couple of issues” or “slight concerns”. They’ll always focus on the vision and never on obstacles on the way to the goal.

Use Positive Words In US Business

In the same manner US-Americans tend to express approval much more energetic than many other people around the world would ever do. US-Americans will always show enthusiasm. 

Business people from abroad often think they are exaggerating when using those stronger expressions. Keep in mind that in the USA a low-key, more factual oriented language will be seen as rather impolite. 

The same applies to pure honesty. Before saying what you are really thinking or criticising an US-American’s vision because you might have found some weaknesses, first mention as many positive things as possible. Only then you could very carefully raise your concerns. Make sure that your final conclusion is always positive.

The idea is not only to think big but also to always think positive!

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