Zena-Gabrielle Hailu

Zena-Gabrielle Hailu

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” (Robertson Davies)

Welcome to my profile. Accompanying change processes in diverse settings is what I do. I am dedicated to helping teams and people excel at their jobs by laying my focus on cultural awareness and long-term sustainability. I have over ten years’ experience facilitating change processes in the international context. As an American of Franco-Canadian and Ethiopian heritage currently living in Germany, I don’t only talk the talk on diversity. I actually live it.


Belgium, Benin, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Ethiopia, France, Germany, United States of America


English, German, French
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Professional Background

    Institut zur Förderung von Partizipation und Demokratie (ipd) / Institut für Jugendarbeit Gauting
    European University of Applied Sciences
    Train the Trainer Certification, Anne Gombert / neues lernen
    Herbert W. Warmbier / neues lernen
    The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology / ExpertRating Global Certifications
    • French Honors Club
    • Dean‘s List 1996 & 1997
    • Senior Honor‘s Thesis

Experience as Coach

I have over ten years’ coaching and running trainings in the international context, and have worked in the US, Canada, Ethiopia, Kenya, Benin, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Caucasus, and Sarajevo.

Additional Work Experience

I also am a certified facilitator, and CBT Practitioner

What Clients Say About Me

“We have experienced Ms. Hailu as an extremely reliable and committed business partner over the years. We were so satisfied with her work that she replaced other previous partners. Ms. Hailu always responded very individually to our requests, and she also completed her assigned tasks on time and always to our complete satisfaction.”
Stefan Hoff, managing director, nobeo GmbH

“The mood in the group was fantastic. This was mainly due to Zena’s inspiring way of conveying her knowledge and methodology not only unerringly and convincingly, but also in an incredibly sympathetic manner.”
Dr. MartinRoew, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

“Ms. Hailu is a very experienced trainer. The feedback from her students is always excellent. She has a special ability to encourage and motivate students and is a particularly empathetic coach. She is an outstanding trainer and coach and I highly recommend her. ”
PenellaThompson, former Coordinator for English, German, Asian and East and Southeast European Languages, Operational Competencies for International Cooperation

“I experienced Zena-Gabrielle Hailu as an experienced generalist in several consulting projects in which she repeatedly managed to resolve the complexity of intercultural transactions – breaking them down into understandable and applicable instructions for day-to-day business or taking them into account when implementing the business strategy. In an international business model, Ms. Hailu raises awareness of the tension between the diversity of language, values, expectations, etc. of those involved.”
Adrian Tuchmann, Export Manager / Country Manager Ethiopia, F. Undütsch GmbH, formerly: PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, KARL KOLB GmbH & Co. KG

“Preparing my speech for TEDxHeidelberg with Zena-Gabrielle Hailu as my coach was a fantastic experience. Zena always asked the right questions to help me develop my thoughts and presentations. I have never felt belittled or discouraged, but always valued and inspired. ”
Mareike Hachemer, speaker at TEDX Heidelberg, ambassador for the Varkey Foundation.

“Working with Zena is valuable and inspiring. Her calm nature brings with her a serenity that is very pleasant in the coaching process. At the same time, it always gets to the point. She has a wide repertoire of methods that is always appropriate to the coaching framework and the situation. I can sincerely recommend working with Zena. ”
Martina Kohrn, trainer, facilitator

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.