Wioletta Malota

Wioletta Malota

“Your limitation is only your imagination.”

My passion is travelling and learning how different societies are organized and people there are thinking and acting. I have visited almost all countries in Europe and in Asia. I also like cinema, architecture, nature and photographing life. I am Executive Coach matching my global business experience with coaching expertise. I believe that coaching is a very efficient way to enhance a person’s development. In my practice, I am matching Western knowledge with Eastern wisdom. I believe that “When a pupil is ready, the teacher appears”.


Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, China, India, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, General


English, Polish
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Professional Background

  • PhD in Organizational Behaviour, 2016
  • 20 years of working as Marketing Manager in global corporations – 3M, Novo Nordisk and SCA Hygiene Products
  • Delivering intercultural workshops in South Korea, China, India, Italy and Poland
  • Certified Consultant of PRISM psychometrical behavioural profiling tool, United Kingdom, 2015
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Institute of Leadership and Management, UK 2012
  • Certified Coach ICC, 2007
  • Winner of Global Coaching Leadership Award at World Coaching Congress, Mumbai, India, February 2014
  • Master teacher at the training for future coaches “Train the coaches” at university level

Experience as Coach

  • 12 years of working as Executive Coach and Intercultural Consultant for global corporations
  • Conducting virtual international coaching projects for team leaders for pharma company in Poland, Latvia, Serbia, Hungary
  • Coach at the European Union coaching projects in financial services, banking and production’ sectors for 6 month for 20 managers
  • Coaching and intercultural consultancy for CEO and CFO – expats from France, S. Korea, India, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Germany, UK, USA starting working in Poland
  • Intercultural training for managers managing global teams for global corporations

Additional Work Experience

I have good experience as Certified Consultant applying the PRISM Behavioral Profiling Tool providing insight how people think, feel and do things during the coaching process. This tool gives a coachee an objective information on oneself and in most cases is a turning point in the process.

I am a public speaker at conferences or company events on intercultural communication and cooperation.

What Clients Say About Me

When starting working in Europe I have had intercultural sessions with Wiola which have helped me to grasp the cultural differences and similarities between different cultures in business behaviours. She has taught me how to navigate in different cultures – starting from making presentation, convincing other, arguing or giving feedback. Thanks to that I have avoided many painful miscommunication and mismanagement”.
Hyung J.K, director of BU Europe global corporation, S. Korea

“Being appointed as the factory manager in Poland, the coaching program with Wiola was the best introduction into Polish business culture, I could  ever have imagined. This gave me intercultural competencies to manage business and people in different culture.  I have also made the PRISM questionnaire, which assessed my preferred way of thinking, feeling and behaving. On this way I have got objective insight into my profile and this was the basis for Executive coaching. The discussion of my profile gave me more understanding how I am working, where are my strong and weaker points and thus was a starting point for my advancement. I appreciate the way Wiola is working as Coach and tool and knowledge she is using. Coaching program with her was inspiration and discovery path.
Stephan B., The factory manager, production sector, expatriate from Austria to Poland

“Coaching sessions with Wiola have widened not only my business skills but has integrated me as a person who is aware of its own competencies. This gave me trust to be effective in business life”.
Jelena V, team manager, Serbia

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.