Wiebke Homborg

Wiebke Homborg

"If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person‘s point of view and see things from that person‘s angle as well as from your own.“ (Henry Ford)

Wiebke is an intercultural trainer and expat coach based in Germany, specialized in working with individuals and companies on enhancing their intercultural competence. She is passionate about building bridges between cultures, promoting a global mindset and empowering professionals to thrive in their international career. Wiebke knows the intercultural experience from many different angles: she has spent 22 years living abroad – outside of her passport country Germany – and felt at home in six different countries. She grew up in Belgium, United States and Spain and has lived and worked in Germany, Chile and Mexico. Now based in Germany, she speaks four languages fluently and considers herself a global citizen. A total of 16 years of professional experience as an executive PA and product manager in retail, banking, automotive and tourism have made it possible for her to offer training and coaching with a strong practical focus.


Belgium, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Spain, United States of America


German, English, Spanish
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Professional Background

  • Since 2017 Wiebke has provided numerous preparation trainings for international assignments to Mexico and Belgium
  • Intercultural training for expats that relocated to Germany
  • Country specific trainings on successful collaboration with Mexican business partners
  • Creation and facilitation of a blended learning course “Working in Germany”
  • Workshops and coaching on Third Culture Kids
  • Since January 2020, expat coaching and partner support


  • (ongoing until 06/2020) Intercultural Coach, of Jena
  • Certified intercultural trainer, IKUD Seminare Göttingen
  • Train the Trainer, IKUD Seminare Göttingen
  • European Executive Assistant, Euro Business College Hamburg

Experience as Coach

Intercultural trainer since 2016, with an approximate of 20 trainings per year, mainly onsite in Germany and Belgium. Aditionally, several online trainings and coaching sessions. Coaching practice has started in 2020 within the coach training program.

Additional Work Experience

  • Executive PA, Dresdner Bank Chile and Faurecia Mexico
  • Product Manager, Poli-Tape Klebefolien and vamos Eltern-Kind-Reisen

What Clients Say About Me

“I definitely recommend an intercultural training with Wiebke Homborg, she is a professional who has lived several experiences abroad and studied what may be happening to you or will happen to you when facing a different culture. The training of Wiebke helped me a lot to understand my own culture as Mexican – there were several aspects on which I had not reflected – and the German culture. Thanks to her training I consider that I can better understand the cultural differences of Germany and Mexico and I now have more tools for my cultural immersion. Wiebke is very dedicated, kind and professional; I recommend these trainings. Never underestimate cultural differences and as often, all we need is help to understand them and from there the adaptation is much easier.”
Javier N., expat from Mexico

“Ms. Homborg’s intercultural training motivated and sensitized me to the clear differences to German culture. It was well structured and was supplemented with many examples from Ms. Homborg’s personal experience in Mexico. I have been in Mexico for two weeks now and have already successfully used my first experience of training in communication with my Mexican colleagues. The training is recommendable for those who travel to Mexico for a longer time.”
Matthias F., expat from Germany

“Wiebke’s fun and information-packed sessions were very useful for me: personalised and interesting insights into understanding the German culture to better navigate expat life in Germany. Coaching on third-culture kids was particularly relevant. I found comfort in many instances of realising “oh, so it’s not just me!” An essential resource for anyone who has moved to Germany as an expat.“
Amber, Expat from Australia

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