Vivien Hudson

Vivien Hudson

“Do what you believe in and believe in what you do.” (Vivien Hudson)

After working for years in healthcare as a pharmacist, I wanted to make a bigger difference in people’s lives. Instead, I wanted to help people shift their thoughts and behaviors to better serve themselves and those around them. The most effective way to do that was through coaching. This led me to train in a range of modalities around coaching, strengths and performance as well as neuro-agility. In this journey, I learned how much we create and manifest the stories we tell ourselves and how we could change those stories. I call this self-leadership and through this we can grow personally and professionally. Side effects include finding fulfillment, improved productivity and being more proactive. Through years of being in pharmacy, I also saw many people on medications and suffer from assorted health complaints. I deepened my learning to better understand how stress can play a significant role in our personal health and wellbeing. Teaching and coaching people on stress and helping them understand what they truly can control I found was a powerful way to help others, particularly in today’s stimulation driven world of devices and demands. I continue to learn and evolve in areas that intrigue me the most, including the art of conversations, conflict management, increasing engagement in work and life as well as self-care and management. I have made major transitions in my life including marrying an American in my home country of Australia and working through the challenges of being married to an expat to eventually becoming an expat myself when we moved from Australia to live in the US with our 3 children. Other challenges I have faced include being the main income earner for our family, owning and running businesses while having children, teaching myself multiple facets of business management at the coal face including budgeting, human resources, marketing and inventory management and reinventing myself. In the move to the US, I found it allowed me to transform myself in more ways than I would have, had I stayed in my home country. In many ways it made me bolder. Challenge and change help us grow and become more than what we know at the time and help us build strength and resilience. I thrive on the challenge to help others work through their challenges and change so they can experience this transformation for themselves.




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Professional Background

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Strengths and Performance Consultant
  • Brain Fitness Practitioner
  • iLoveFeedback Facilitator
  • Stakeholder Management Certified
  • Certified Virtual Producer and Facilitator
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy and Graduate Diploma
  • Leadership Training and expertise

Experience as Coach

Over 13 years in coaching, 8 years in leadership training and development working with multiple clients both face to face and virtually. Past clients and companies include Imagine Software, Roechling Automotive, Robert Allen Group, Solvay, Hemsley Fraser, Executive Forum. Training offered includes self-developed programs on leadership, EQ, presenting skills and stress as well as motivational speaking and workshops.

Additional Work Experience

Over 25 years working in the retail pharmacy industry as a manager and CEO of the business. This entailed becoming adept at understanding financials, business growth, marketing, customer service, vendor liaisons, inventory control and budgeting.

What Clients Say About Me

“Vivien was the single best resource in our leadership development program”
HR Manager

“The presentation Vivien led was the best presentation I have experienced with 7 years at this organization”
Imagine Software

“Vivien Hudson is a coach I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with issues or achieving their goals. She has a style that has challenged and stretched me, while always remaining in a supportive and encouraging tone. Throughout the course of my coaching sessions, Vivien helped me understand the underlying issue in a number of problems I’d been facing and helped me discover ways to move forward with a high level of motivation.”
David Gibbons

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.