Vilhelmine Brown

"The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." (Marcel Proust)

Intercultural Management Coach, Consultant and Lecturer with over 20 years of experience in international business and study environments. I am Latvian with Polish background and I work primarily between my two homes in the UK (since 2008) and Latvia. My passion is to support my clients in International Business Communication management, Global Mindset development and Cross-cultural transition to increase their efficiency and minimize the risks of failure working across cultural boundaries. I have extended my knowledge and coaching skills in the embodied transformation and the neuroscience of change field. In my Intercultural management programmes I incorporate neuroscience based and somatic methods, which are essential in change management and resilience building, especially in the times of uncertainty and adjustment processes.


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, General


English, Latvian, Russian
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Professional Background

Vilhelmine has extensive experience of living and working with Eastern European, British, Russian, Danish and Baltic cultures.

Her wide professional experience includes working with senior managers, the members of government and diplomatic missions on developing their global leadership skills to effectively work across multiple cultures. She has extensive experience working with multinational companies of multiple specializations, including financial, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, gas and oil and others. She also has managerial experience with local and international staff.

Vilhelmine has developed the study material on Business Culture in Latvia for the European Network of Business Studies and the material on Intercultural Communication Training: Interactive Intercultural Communication Tools for Entrepreneurs.

Vilhelmine is licensed to deliver The International Profiler (TIP) an international psychometric tool from Worldwork and she is a licensed partner of Richard Lewis Communications and of CultureActive. She has completed International Coaching Federation accredited programme The Power of Embodied Transformation with Coaches Rising.

Vilhelmine holds Master’s degree in Pedagogy, Education Sciences from the University of Latvia. Field of Study: Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching and Master’s degree in English Philology from the University of Latvia. Field of Study: English Language and Literature, TESOL.

Experience as Coach

Vilhelmine has over 20 years experience as a trainer, coach, facilitator and lecturer and has successfully supported senior managers and their families on their international assignments in the following programmes :

  • Country/Culture specific working styles and personal adjustment
  • Intercultural Competence Development
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Management
  • Global Mindset Development
  • Preparation for International Assignments and Relocation
  • Country Specific Cultural programmes with special emphasis on Business Culture in the Baltic countries, Eastern European countries, UK and Russia.

Additional Work Experience

Vilhelmine currently holds the position of Assistant Professor at BA School of Business and Finance in Riga, Latvia and lectures on Intercultural Communication in International Finance and Business Management programmes. She has led workshops and delivered lectures within the framework of international projects and programmes in France, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Estonia, India.

In addition to academic, research and consultancy work, her experience also includes participating in international projects as a coordinator and developer of resources. She has coordinated Danish- Latvian co-operation projects in Agriculture, Farm tourism and Education and UK- Latvian projects in Adult Education.

Vilhelmine has a considerable experience as a Business English in-company trainer, Business English lecturer and interpreter.

Vilhelmine is a member of SIETAR UK, SIETAR Europa, and is fluent in four languages – English, Latvian, Russian and Polish.

What Clients Say About Me

‘”Vilhelmine Brown is a true professional when it comes to delivering intercultural training. In my opinion she takes more care than most in questioning the delegates before delivering her courses to tailor the materials and topics to ensure a great day. She is prepared to an extraordinary level and so is open to questions and queries that stray from the norm. Her energy levels and pleasant persona seem to bring out the best in the class and result in satisfaction, great knowledge transfer and a positive learning environment. I can recommend her for your culture training.‘‘
Matthew Hill, Corporate Presentation trainer

‘‘Excellent. Clear and really made us look realistically at possible challenges of the move with the suggestions to help. Vilhelmine kept us engaged and thinking throughout. Fantastic trainer.‘‘
ING, participant

‘‘Vilhelmine asked questions about my concerns, listened very well, tailored the material accordingly and checked back throughout to ensure I understood and was satisfied.‘‘
Goldman Sachs, participant

‘‘Vilhelmine is very open minded, flexible in program, happy to discuss topics of concern.‘‘
PepsiCo, participant

‘‘Vilhelmine is an excellent cross-cultural facilitator. My experience of working with Vilhelmine is that she communicates complex topics clearly and effectively with clients. She engages them with her practical focus and her deep insights into cultural challenges. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vilhelmine.‘‘
Agnes Bamford, Intercultural Business Coach, Trainer and Ph scholar in Intercultural Business Communication

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.