Renata Urban

I help people communicate successfully in their own language, in a foreign language, and across cultures.

Growing up, living and working in different countries and with people from all over the world has had a significant impact on my cultural perceptions, the languages I speak, my understanding of cross-cultural cooperation, and who I am as a trainer today. I am a trained, certified, and experienced language teacher, intercultural coach, and communication skills trainer who is patient and resourceful, who understands your unique situation, who cares and will help you achieve your goals.


United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil, Colombia, Russian Federation, Italy, General


English, German
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Professional Background

  • Linguist and International Business background
  • CELTA certified language teacher (ESL, TOEFL, IELTS, German)
  • Certified corporate trainer and intercultural coach
  • ICQ/ Global DISC licensed
  • Richard Lewis Communications/ Culture Active licensed
  • Independent training provider working with individuals, businesses, training organizations, language schools, and mobility firms
  • Owner of URBAN Training and Services, Inc.

Experience as Coach

  • 25+ years of experience as a language teacher, intercultural coach, communication skills trainer, translator, in-company training manager, and working in the field of PR/ Communications/ Sales & Marketing as well as HR Training & Development
  • Cultural and personality awareness specialist focusing on building intercultural competence, fostering cognitive diversity, and building successful international teams
  • Country-specialist for the US, the UK, Germany, and Italy with extensive experience with many other European, Asian, and South American countries
  • Relocation, international assignment, expat, and repat preparation and support

Additional Work Experience

My experience working in PR/ Communications/ Sales & Marketing as well as HR Training & Development is mainly in the manufacturing industry with extensive international contact. I have also worked for training organizations and language schools before becoming an independent contractor and founding my own business URBAN Training and Services, Inc.

What Clients Say About Me

“Trusted Trainer and Coach”
“As the President and CEO of Song Chuan USA and the Managing Director and CEO of Song Chuan Precision Europe GmbH, I am responsible for the Song Chuan teams in the USA and in Europe. Since Song Chuan Precision Europe GmbH is based in Germany and since I spend a lot of time there, I decided to start learning German. Renata was recommended to me and has provided me with German language training for business and daily life since July 2018. Renata is a highly educated, trained, and experienced trainer who is passionate about languages and cultures. She made me realize that language and culture are undeniably connected and has become my cultural consultant on all things related to German culture as well as other cultures in addition to being my language teacher. Renata has also provided an intercultural team building event for our annual sales meeting in 2019 and has continued supporting me as a language trainer and as an intercultural coach. Her intercultural training is remarkably diverse as it covers North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, which is exactly what we need as a global company. Renata is an extremely versatile, flexible, and reliable consultant who adds value to my business and provides customized resources. I can highly recommend Renata as a teacher and a coach to any business that operates internationally, needs to build or manage diverse teams, and is looking for language, intercultural, diversity, and communication skills training.”
Sean McCarthy, CEO, Florida (USA)

“Highly recommended Public Speaking and Presentations Trainer”
As the President of Ragold Concepts, the Country Manager for Naturkost USA, and the Sales & Marketing Project Manager of SternMaid America, I am often invited to events as a speaker on the Food and Supplement industry and strategies for the German and the US market. In 2019, Renata helped me prepare for an important event. She provided valuable input on content and structure for my presentation, worked with me on language and culture specific components of my speech, and refined my delivery by video taping my speech, analyzing it, and making suggestions for improvement. Her professional input has revealed important points I was not aware of, has helped me improve my presentation skills, and has allowed me to gain a totally new perspective on public speaking and presenting in front of an audience. I can highly recommend Renata as a Public Speaking and Presentation Skills trainer. The fact that she is bi-lingual German/ English and has in-depth understanding of cultural differences was immensely helpful, too.
Rainer Schindler, President, Florida (USA)

“Great online lessons; I learned a lot”
Renata supported me to improve my English for IELTS. This was a difficult goal for me and her lessons have been very helpful for me; I learned a lot. I can notice the big difference between before the lessons and after them. Furthermore, I feel grateful for the knowledge and time she has invested in me. Even though we live in different places, I feel close to her when we have a lesson online. This has been a very positive experience for me. I highly recommend Renata as a trainer and coach, because not only is she a professional teacher but also an expert in IELTS test preparation. I feel that I can achieve a higher score band thanks to the knowledge she shares and her experience in teaching English as a second language. I feel connected with her since the first lesson, which makes me feel very comfortable and confident.
Lourdes Gabriela Campos Quintero, Veterinarian, Illinois (USA)

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