Renata Bohomoletz

Renata Bohomoletz

"In a company, in a family, in life, the success of each and every endeavor is how we handle ourselves and our interactions." (Renata Bohomoletz)

More than twenty years of experience in multicultural teams, most of them as a leader: living and working abroad, or on virtual management. Europe and America’s big companies were my geographic scope, also M&A scenarios. Methodology developer © for multicultural teams’ management and integration, intercultural communication, multicultural organizational structure building and global leadership development. These are my tools. Understanding the actual issues through a realistic diagnosis on what blocks the leader’s and team’s performances for strategic achievements, defining the best practical methodology for the solutions, that is my job!


Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Spain, General


French, Spanish, English, Portuguese
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Professional Background

  • Consultancy, Lectures and Debate Coordination on Intercultural Integration, M&A, and Global Leaders Development
  • Strategic Planning Specialist for ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Americas division. Development of flow information processes for marketing intelligence in all American perimeter
  • Change Manager at ArcelorMittal Europe. Implementation of processes, delivery of one integrated system, and development of organizational structure to support the Shared Services Finance for West and Central Europe. Key Project on the validation of intercultural intelligence, sensibility and management of multicultural teams
  • Project Director at Arcelor Mittal Europe. Implementation of processes and delivery of one integrated system to support ‘end to end’ (all the business processes ) for West and Central Europe, passing through and
  • Project Manager (including M&A processes), ArcelorMittal Americas, Argentina

Experience as Coach

  • Training/Workshops on Global Leadership, New Management Skills Development (Global Scenario), for 3 years. Development of local leaders and managers to deal with the global scenario
  • Coach of Director/Manager on Intercultural aspects in a M&A process
  • Speaker in Seminars on Management Innovation based on multiculturalism for consultants, multinational companies, and most important Colleges/Business Schools, 3 years

Additional Work Experience

  • Volunteer work, and mission, vision and strategy development for today most important Foundation for social support
  • Improvement on communication in the processes of receiving Refugees (Paper chosen and presented on International Seminar)

What Clients Say About Me

“Renata’s innovative approach to make multicultural teams work successfully in of great interest. Combining Intercultural Communication key success elements and Change Management basic principles allow to fully benefit from the diversity and the richness of the member of the teams. In this way, the teams will be able to generate high value ideas and solutions and to actively contribute to the transformation projects success. Renata’s approach is a powerful mean for companies facing a multicultural and complex environment. Moreover, Renata’s competences and contagious enthusiasm are major assets to ensure the success of multicultural teams in transformation projects.”
Benoit Grouard. Co-author of “The ten keys for successful change management

“It was a great pleasure having Renata working on our project for implementing our European shared services. Her knowledge of SAP as well as her apprehension of the multi-cultural behavior and the changed management program she implemented were key factors of success. I highly recommend working with Renata.”
Marie-Françoise Terlier, consultant, former CIO at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions, Stainless and International

“Renata is not only a great person to know with many qualities and excellent management skills, but she’s also a fantastic professional to work with when it comes to change management and implementation of new processes. I had a wonderful experience working with her in a large multi-cultural environment, I appreciated the exchange with her and I can tell that Renata is highly skilled in global multi-cultural teams and definitely a leader in change management.”
Nicolas Montel, Financial Engineer at Schneider Electric

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.