Olena Mykhailenko-Blayone

Olena Mykhailenko-Blayone

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” (Stephen R. Covey)

I’ve been living between the East and West, developed and emergent markets, working across fields (Economics, Business, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Innovative Education), teaching, coaching, consulting, and publishing in three languages. I know what people feel while experiencing a cultural shock, changes in personal and professional life, and identity. I can measure, forecast, and mitigate cultural differences. And I want to help you to develop and implement your personal and organizational cross-cultural strategies.


Ukraine, Canada, Russian Federation, Belarus, Latvia, Georgia, General


English, Russian, Ukrainian
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Professional Background

  • PhD in Economics
  • Co-founder and cross-cultural consultant at, Canada
  • Researcher on cultural values, learning and work in Industry 4.0 in universities of Canada and Eastern Europe
  • Former Associate Professor at Business Strategy department at Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine
  • Former advisor for the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine
  • Author of online courses: Cultural Dimensions & Business Strategies, Post-Industrial Learning, Data-Based Value Management
  • Guest-speaker on Cross-Cultural Analysis at OTU, Canada, and Digital Transformation, Culture & Gender at Vienna Webster University, Austria
  • Business trainer within international programs: Human Capital Development for SME in Ukraine (UN), Creative Europe (EU) and House of Europe (EU)
  • Author of academic and media publications

Experience as Coach

  • 6 years of intercultural research in Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, presenting the results in international conferences and summer schools
  • Developed and facilitated courses: Introduction of Cross-Cultural Analysis, Cultural Dimensions and Business Strategies (collaborative, online), Cultural Values and Social Progress
  • 4 years of business training on Cross-Cultural Management; Culture, Business Strategies & HR (offline and online)
  • 3 years of Intercultural coaching for international students in Canada and Ukraine
  • Currently, a Cultural Leadership Academy trainer, Hoethe Institute, Ukraine

Additional Work Experience

  • University professor and government analyst in Economics
  • Post-Industrial Learning and Business Strategy consultant. Developed a strategy for one of the regional universities in Ukraine. In one year, the institution rose in all university rankings. Now, it positions itself as the most internationally oriented school in the country.
  • Wrote project proposals and won the funding competitions. Coordinated international teams as a project manager.
  • Expert in creative industries at Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (funding proposal assessment).
  • My Facebook group Culture & Post-Industrial Learning has more than 1300 participants from about 15 countries

What Clients Say About Me

“Thank you for the wonderful course “Human Capital Development: Culture and Learning”. It helped me to make a tremendous leap into the future, expanded the horizons of the present and understand the past. It gave me a basis for my personal development and choosing the right tools for creating my own consulting products. The course is very useful and practical, one of those that change consciousness and give the desire to stay in the subject, follow trends and use new training formats. I recommend this course with my pleasure!”
Laura Apasova, Managing Partner, Investment Strategies Consultant for SMEs 

“I study in the UK, but I have never seen such an innovative course, both in its form and content!”
Alexander Stognii, a graduate student, about the collaborative online course Cultural Dimensions and Business Strategies

Olena taught in a very positive way, kept a cheerful rhythm, everything was easy to perceive. When we discovered the “pain points” of our organizations, Olena helped us to see a way out of the situation. I realyzed, we did not understand different people in our organization, deep reasons for conflicts, and it was the root of our problems. Now we have a clear plan for organizational changes and the identified priorities. For me, the brightest impression was Olena’s charisma, equal discussion, and how she settled down conflicting opinions. I recommend this training to anyone who works with people”.
Lilia Ibragimova, a Board member of the League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.