Nina Merrens

Nina Merrens


Nina Merrens left home at the age of 16 to go to New York and has been independent and very much “on the global road” ever since. She is a” self-made woman” and created her own career path based on her own life experience of cross-cultural change – including working for many years with the United Nations, as a leadership trainer for global managers in countries as diverse as Lebanon, Senegal, Thailand, and Switzerland. She also has a passion for teaching students and has worked at Passau university for over 20 years, as a guest teacher on intercultural competence. A mother of 2 sons, she lost her eldest son in a skiing accident several years ago and has integrated this tragic event in her current day work. She has worked for the last 5 years as a coach at the IMD business school in Lausanne on the High Performance leadership course which included a deep dive into the leaders biographies and critical events and losses that have shaped their lives and leadership style. Nina also attends silent meditation retreats in Italy and the US on a regular basis (Vipassanan) as a way to gain more insight into herself, her emotions and the world around her. She is currently based at the Ammersee, Germany – is a keen swimmer, jogger and tender of roses!


Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


English, German
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Professional Background

  • B.A. Honours degree from Goldsmiths College, London University, in English Literature
  • High Performance Leadership, Professor George Kohlreiser Esalen, California and IMD Lausanne
  • Group Dynamics and Self-Management (DAAG) München
  • Global Diversity, Effective intercultural Teamwork: Personal leadership, Virtual Team Management & Experiential tools for intercultural learning, Intercultural Institute, Portland Oregon
  • Systemic Coaching, Dietz Consulting, München
  • International Profiler License, Worldwork, London
  • Trust in International Team License, Worldwork, London
  • Gestalt and Movement, Esalen Institute, CA
  • NLP Practioner Certificate, München
  • Personal Coaching and Deep Listening – Pressure Management Indicator (University of Strathclyde, Scotland)
  • Coaching Across Cultures, Prague, Phillippe Rosinski
  • Family Constellation Courses, Judith Hemmings, California & London
  • Personal Leadership Facilitators course, Crestone, Colorado
  • Vipassana meditation Retreats, Kamala Masters Camaldoli Monastery

Experience as Coach

  • 25 ears experience as a trainer and coach, too many trainings to count! Has worked in more than 20 countries.
    • United Nations Secretariat, Bonn, Bangkok, Geneva, Dakar, Beirut, Vienna, Haiti – Management Development Programmes (MDP)
    • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Bonn, Germany – Team Retreats, Coaching
    • IMD Business School, Lausanne – Advanced High Performance Leadership Programme (AHPL)
    • Roland Berger, Munich, Germany – Intercultural Training Workshops for Onboarding Sessions
    • SAP/hybris, Munich and Milan – Managing International Team Seminars,
      – Leadership workshops – focus Organizational Culture and Change
      – Leadership strategy and cultural integration – kick off meeting
    • WL Gore & Associates, Germany & Scotland – Team development, Intercultural Awareness Workshops, Culture specific Training – UK, Russia, China, Germany
    • World Bank, Washington DC – Trust In International Teams
    • Allianz, Munich – Intercultural Training
    • Bombardier, Berlin – International Team Development
    • Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg – International Team Development, International competency coaching
    • Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv – Managing International Teams, Intercultural Competency Training
    • Daimler, Germany – Fit for Abroad – Get One Project – Intercultural integration design + workshops
    • Nycomed, Germany – International Team Development
    • TSystems, UK – Culture specific Training UK/Germany
    • Esalen Institute, California – Month long Integrative Leadership Programme for graduate students, Personal Leadership workshops
    • Enel, Rome – International Jet Programme, LEMP leadership programme
    • RWE, Germany – „Working with the Germans“
    • ABB, Finland & China – Intercultural Awareness for Global Managers
    • SMA – Global Leadership Training, Intercultural Awareness Trainig, Virtual Collaboration Across Cultures
    • BP Oil, UK – Coaching on International competencies
    • Carl Zeiss, Germany – Junior Leadership Programme
    • BMW Akademie, München – Consultancy – International Training Development
    • EADS AIRBUS, Hamburg – Intercultural Sensitivity Training Courses
    • Siemens AG, München – Managing Virtual Teams, working in Taiwan
    • WestLB Bank, Düsseldorf – Coaching/Team Training
    • O2 Germany – Integration Workshops & Team Development
    • Microsoft, Germany – Corporate Communication
    • Merck, USA – Managing Across Cultures
    • Pepper & Rogers Group, Istanbul – Communication Skills, Managing International Teams
    • University Passau – Compact seminars

Additional Work Experience

  • Import/Export UK and Germany and own retail business in Munich for over 5 years
  • experience as a mother of two sons

What Clients Say About Me

“She has a vast knowledge of the challenges involved in working internationally and has a wonderful talent of bringing this across to participants and  makingintercultural theory meaningful to each individual within the organization.”

“A main element of the success the executive coaching interventions profit from is based on Nina’s ability to assess the needs of her target audience, her creativity to turn those needs into a program and of course her talent to deliver the program, fueled by her personality and especially her sense of humor.”

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