Mihaela Niemczik-Arambașa

Mihaela Niemczik-Arambașa

“The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it was and hope that something will change at the same time.” (Albert Einstein)

My main goal is that my clients can successfully apply what they have learned in the intercultural training or coaching on their daily work. I like putting ideas from two cultures side by side and seeing how each might look from the other perspective. As an intercultural trainer, I can see how people might misunderstand what is said or done by someone from another culture. In my opinion, when working with people from other cultures, it is important to prepare for these new cultures. But more important is for me to find a way to adapt my behaviour to the new culture, while I stay authentic and feel comfortable in the interaction. That is the key for me!


Romania, Moldova, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia


German, English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Italian
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Professional Background

  • Certification as trainer and coach for intercultural competences: artop GmbH (Institute at the Humboldt University Berlin)
  • PhD at the University of Potsdam: Social and Cultural Geography
  • Undergraduate study periods in Bucharest (Romania), Lyon (France) and Potsdam (Germany)
  • German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (DRIHK) in the fields of human resources (recruiting), investor service, customs systems and legal affairs, Bucharest, Romania
  • Scientific assistant and project manager at the University of Potsdam, Germany
  • Tourist guide at Reky Travel Club, Sibiu, Romania

Experience as Coach

  • I have been working as a trainer, coach and speaker for intercultural competences for 13 years. Meanwhile I have done hundreds of trainings and coachings with focus on Romania, Republic of Moldova and Eastern Europe for German and Austrian entrepreneurs / institutions or focusing on Germany and Austria for Romanian entrepreneurs.
  • My target groups: Managers of all levels including executives; international teams; expatriates and impatriates
  • References: German Embassy in Bucharest, BASF SE, Bertrandt Engineering Technologies Romania SRL, Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Evosoft GmbH, Fortbildungszentrum des Freistaates Sachsen (AVS Meißen), Fridericus Servicegesellschaft der Preußischen Schlösser und Gärten mbH, Infineon Technologies AG, Integrationsbeauftragter Berlin-Mitte, Metro Group, OBI Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte Systemzentrale GmbH, PETROM-OMV, real,- Group Holding GmbH, Robert BOSCH SRL, THIMM Gruppe, Universität Potsdam (Deutschland), Universität Bukarest (Rumänien), Universität ASEM Chişinău (Republik Moldau), VSF Experts GmbH, WBG Wärmebetriebe Gesellschaft mbH

Additional Work Experience

  • Supervision of a consulting project for a German-Romanian joint venture
  • Lecture at the DRG (Deutsch-Rumänischen Gesellschaft e.V.) on the subject: “German-Romanian Business Relationships: How to succeed in Romania and Germany?”
  • Webinars: “Webinar intercultural româno-german“ Robert BOSCH SRL and „Intercultural competence Romania“ XING.
  • Speaker: “Successful interaction with international guests – intercultural competence”
  • International university collaborations: University of Potsdam (Germany), University of Bucharest, Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi (all Romania) and ASEM Chisinau (Moldova)
  • International scientific events: International Workshop in Chişinău, International Symposium in Bucharest
  • Exhibition MOLDOVAmobil: Culture, politics and everyday life in the Republic of Moldova. A project of the coordination of East Central and Southeastern Europe at the Museum of European Cultures of the State Museums in Berlin in cooperation with inter: est cultural and educational projects.

What Clients Say About Me

“I appreciated the experience of Dr. Mihaela Niemczik-Arambasa in both cultures (Romania and Germany) and the examples from real life. The Seminar was well organized and structured. I liked also the open approach and the flexibility of Mihaela. She is a nice and professional trainer.“
Feedback Coaching at BASF SE (Expatriate)

“Meine Anliegen wurden von vornerein abgefragt und entsprechend das Seminar darauf angepasst, ohne die generellen Themen zu vernachlässigen. Viele Erfahrungen und Beispiele haben es mir sehr erleichtert, die Kultur (Rumänisch) zu verstehen und nachzuvollziehen. Ich würde Frau Niemczik-Arambasa jederzeit ohne Bedenken weiterempfehlen. Hervorragende Vorbereitung für mein Expat-Aufenthalt in Rumänien!“
Feedback Coaching at MAHLE GmbH (Expatriate)

“The Workshop structure was individually planned for our specific requests, and had a good mix of theoretical and practical lessons.
Highly Recommendation!”
Feedback Training Continental AG (Manager)

“Zwischen vielen nützlichen Informationen über Land und Leute, Geschichte, interkulturelle Kommunikation etc. habe ich, mehr als sonst, mein Verhalten überdacht, und wie schnell Missverständnisse entstehen können.”
Feedback Coaching bei PTROM-OMV (Expatriate)

“Ich empfehle das Training von Frau Dr. Niemczik-Arambasa gerne. Durch meine Tätigkeit in Brüssel treffe ich täglich auf Menschen aus anderen Kulturkreisen, die in ihrem beruflichen Auftreten regelmäßig einen anderen Hintergrund haben als ich. Für eine gute und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit ist neben dem Faktenwissen jedoch auch interkulturelles Wissen über den/die Nachbarn wichtig. Durch das Training (“Interkulturelle Kompetenz Osteuropa”) von Frau Dr. Niemczik-Arambasa habe ich zahlreiche neue und nützliche Informationen über Länder und Leute in Osteuropa erhalten, die mir für meine Arbeit “auf dem Brüsseler Parkett” von Nutzen sind.“
Feedback Training (Interkulturelle Kompetenz Osteuropa), Desk Officer, Saxony Liaison Office Brussels, Brussels

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