Michael Brooman

Michael Brooman

Better communication, express your motivation professionally, connect positively with the world!

I specialise in helping professionals to become better communicators. Whether you are a native or non-native user of English, the way you connect with people is crucial and I can assist you to have breakthroughs over time in this complex and extremely important area. I have a huge amount of experience training individuals and groups from other cultures to use English effectively in their professional and personal lives. I am fully qualified in this respect and have a deep knowledge of the English language, business English and culture as well as cross-cultural communication and adaptation to British culture. I am also a qualified transformational life coach! This means I can support you in other areas such as motivation, career changes, vocation and self-expression. In this way I bring the skills of a professional coach to the table where needed.


General, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Japan


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Professional Background

  • CELTA and Diploma in Teaching English as a Second language
  • Spent 11 years living and working in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Knowledge and experience of teaching Cambridge English exams.
  • Worked at the top dedicated English language training institutions.
  • Specialist trainer in cross-cultural communication.
  • Certification in life coaching at Animus Education, London.

Experience as Coach

  • Approximately 25 years’ experience as a teacher and trainer to individuals and groups from other cultures.
  • Innumerable hours 1-1 training of high level business executives in English language and communication skills.

Additional Work Experience

Deep knowledge of language, literature and the arts and Japanese culture.

What Clients Say About Me

“Michael, the teacher I had classes with, has been able to make me more confident and to set up a comfortable atmosphere during each meeting to make the most of my English skills. Besides having very interesting discussions with Michael, I really had the impression to explore various facets of English and to see my English improving through our weekly talks.”
Gerard (Belgium)

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