Megan Norton

Megan Norton

“I am the mentor and coach I needed when I was growing up cross-culturally and I don’t tell parents how to parent. I tell them what Third Culture Kids/Cross Cultural Kids need.”

Certified intercultural dialogue facilitator with work experience in the United States and in Central Europe. Educated in Greece, Israel, Japan, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, and the United States. Academic researcher specializing in Adult Third Culture Kid identity, transnational higher education and its influence on intercultural relations, expatriate relocation and (re)entry, and university international student programming. Avid traveler and West Michigan Photographer. Blogger.




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Professional Background

Intercultural Communication Trainer/Specialist experience in multiple sectors: government, education, non-profit organizations, and corporate. See below for more details. 


  • Master of Arts Intercultural Communication | The American University | Washington, DC |3.95 GPA | May 2016
    • Samuel L. Sharp Award for Creative Work in International Relations; School of International Service
    • School of International Service Writing Fellowship; led by globally recognized author and journalist Miranda Kennedy
    • Journal of International Service Senior Editor & Marketing and Communication Coordinator
  • Master of Arts Strategic Communication | The American College of Greece | Athens, Greece | 4.0 GPA | May 2010
    • Highest Graduate Student Achievement Award; School of Graduate and Professional Education
    • The Observer: The American College of Greece Magazine Contributing Writer
    • Volunteer International Student and Study Abroad Advisor

Experience as Coach

10 years experience as a coach/mentor

Relevant Experiences working with Third Culture Kids / International Student Populations

  • TCK Mentor, Kaleidoscope
  • TCK Mentor, MuKappa Interantional
  • TCK Mentor, Intercultural Transitions
  • Assistant Director of Daraja, Interaction International
  • English Language Services; Language Instructor, Grand Valley State University
  • Meiji Gaukin University Short Term Study Abroad Instructor, Hope College
  • Intercultural Dialogue Faciliator, American University “TALK Program”
  • Language Instructor, English Language Services

Relevant Experiences working as an Intercultural Trainer

  • Intercultural Communication Trainer, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Poland Military Units Intercultural Trainer, Elblag, Poland
  • Intercultural Learning Specialist Training, Purdue University
  • Intercultural Trainer Au Pair Exchange Program, English for Life Academy & Greenville Technical College
  • Intercultural Communication Researcher, PYXERA Global
  • Intercultural Communication Researcher, International Mission Board
  • Intercultural Communication Researcher, Global Ties; US Department of State
  • Intercultural Communication Researcher, Global Sleepover; US Department of State

Additional Work Experience

  • English Language Instructor: Michigan, Washington DC, South Carolina, Poland, Hungary, Greece
  • Nominations Director, Families in Global Transition Board of Directors
  • Co-Chair “Global Nomad/Third Culture Kid”,  NAFSA Member Interest Group
  • International Student Services Coordinator and Study Abroad Advisor, American University ; iASK and ISES Programs; Corvinus University
  • Protocol Officer and Office Manager, U.S. Embassy Vienna; U.S. Department of State; U.S. Embassy Tel-Aviv; U.S. Department of State
  • West Michigan Photographer (IG: @megan_in_michigan). Blogger at

What Clients Say About Me

“Megan has a deep and nuanced understanding of the cross-cultural and mobile community and puts that understanding to work creatively and with attention to detail. Event planning showcases her administrative skills and highlights her care for people and setting. Her classroom teaching background gives her an edge in content and curriculum development and presenting/teaching situations and she is a potent team-asset working with diverse populations. Megan’s understanding of Third Culture Kids and adult TCKs, International students and others who move ‘between cultures’ is top notch and allows her to leverage that sensitivity in a variety of settings.”
Michael Pollock, Executive Director, Interaction International

“Megan embodies the historical tradition of the Intercultural and International Communication program in the School of International Service at American University, Washington D.C. by  building theory and engaging in the practice of intercultural relations, the field pioneered in large part by Gary Weaver and advanced by the Intercultural and International Communication  faculty over the years. She is the contemporary legacy of our program, both in terms of updating its relevance and in applying its concepts to current needs to effectively train and acculturate emerging and seasoned intercultural leaders globally. Megan has successfully applied concepts from the traditional intercultural relations field in new and interesting ways, including the consideration of how these theories can support the development and success of corporate social responsibility programming, faith-based international development initiatives, and the re-integration of retiring global employees to the US context. Led by her intellectual curiosity, Megan has conceptualized and pursued these projects in a very self-directed and rigorous manner. Finally, the way she pursues the work is reflective of the key tenants of the field — she is culturally-competent, deeply thoughtful and self-reflexive. Megan is a confident woman with a laser-sharp professional trajectory and a deep command of the intercultural relations literature. She is exactly the kind of graduate this institution aims to produce, and she will continue to make us proud as an alumni of the program.”
Dr. Amanda Taylor, Assistant Vice President, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; School of International Service, American University

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.