Klara Denzin

Klara Denzin

Interaction and communication between different cultures has always been an important part of my life. I build bridges between people of different cultures. Intercultural competence and individual coaching are the foundations of my daily work.

Solution orientation and visualization are important for me at my coaching – and of course fun in the further development for coach and coachee. For me, coaching is like Polynesian sailing with the coachee – working out a strategy to move in complex systems.


Hungary, Germany, South Africa, Indonesia


German, Hungarian, English
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Professional Background

  • University graduate in Business Economics at Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary / University graduate in Business Administration at the University of Cologne, Germany / Language Teacher Qualification at the University of Kassel, Germany and Goethe Institute (German as a Foreign Language)
  • Senior Management Consultant at Ernst & Young Management Services Ltd., South Africa / Since 1999 klara denzin cross culture for consulting (main focus in Eastern Europe) and language courses for German as a Foreign Language / Since 2011 main focus: Intercultural training and coaching for foreign-qualified employees and executives, occupational German language courses, lecturer for Intercultural Competence at Heilbronn University.
  • Memberships: SIETAR, CHARTA der VIELFALT, Förderkreis der Wirtschaftsjunioren / Member at Junior Chamber International
  • Certificates:
    • Certified Organisation Developer / Competence on Top GmbH
    • Certified Change Manager / Competence on Top GmbH
    • Certified Systemic Coach / Competence on Top GmbH
    • Certified Business Structure Constellation / Competence on Top GmbH
    • Certified Team Developer / Team Coach / Competence on Top GmbH
    • Certified Intercultural Trainer / Xpert Cultures Communication Skills
    • Intercultural competence for students and graduates / Hochschule Heilbronn
    • Certified Trainer in healthcare (Doctors and hospital staff) / IKUD Seminare
    • Leadership and development of intercultural teams / interculture e.V. in Jena

Experience as Coach

MBA Klara Denzin is an expert in the field of intercultural management (lecturer at Heilbronn University) with know-how in various industries (including automotive, mechanical engineering) and references from well-known companies. Her work is characterized by practical orientation and a high level of competence in the field of training and coaching. Ms. Denzin is a certified trainer (Xpert CCS) and organizational developer (Competence on top) as well as country specialist for several Eastern European countries, especially for Hungary. She has over 15 years of experience in the training sector and over 10 years of experience in organizational development with well-known companies in Germany and Central Eastern Europe (references on request).

Additional Work Experience

After finishing University in Budapest and in Cologne I moved to South Africa and worked as a business consultant for Ernst & Young Management Services. During this time, which was shortly after the Apartheid, I worked on a number of development projects and was a member of Nelson Mandela’s Presidential Project Team.

Following 2 years of successful work in South Africa I moved to Germany and founded my business klara denzin cross culture. During the early stages of the development of my business I primarily consulted German and Hungarian businesses in terms of commerce and language.

In 2007 I qualified as a teacher for German as a Foreign Language. After 5 years as a freelancing German teacher at the Goethe-Institute I opened up my own Office.

In addition to my work as a consultant, I am currently working as a lecturer for Intercultural Competence at the Heilbronn University.

As a language teacher and business consultant I consider recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity to be some of the most important values in my profession. My aim is to strengthen and to maintain the appreciation of diversity in the companies and institutions I work for. I truly believe that companies and organizations should create a working environment free of prejudice. To support these values, I take part regularly in various projects related to diversity management and in addition, I have signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter).

What Clients Say About Me

“Klara’s mission is to go beyond mental limitations and to bridge differences between people, cultures and countries.”
Prof. Dr. K. Köster, Professor for international Management and Leadership

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