Kalaivani Mattern

Kalaivani Mattern

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

I am Vani, an intercultural trainer and coach. My biography has taken a few roads well-travelled and a few less so. After my Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering in India, I worked at a German software development firm, for more than a decade. My responsibilities included leading a multicultural team that oversaw quality control and customer queries from all over the world. What I loved about my job, was the social interaction and the mentoring of trainees from around the globe. This brought me to my current passion: Intercultural coaching and training. As an optimist, I strongly believe in cultures being complementary and my wish is to promote dialog, appreciation and productivity. My coaching incorporates self-reflection, recognising and appreciating existing strengths, finding new perspectives and above all, empowerment. The primary focus is on long-term goals while not forgetting the issues at hand. My clients should be able to take home something concrete from every session and I help them stay the course. Another integral part of this experience is self-care – how to maintain a balanced life in an unfamiliar territory, and remain true to one’s values. For example, how to feel at home in a new place. The core of my intercultural philosophy is, that diversity with all its multitude of challenges, is our ultimate strength. I invite you to explore and leverage this unique capability that every one of us possesses – to close the gap across vast distances in time, space, experiences and lifestyles and flourish in every environment. Shall we embark on this discovery together? Then, click on the button below and book a free 10-min session. Looking forward to talking to you soon!


Germany, India, Sri Lanka


English, German, Tamil, Hindi
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Professional Background

▪ 2013 – Intercultural coach and trainer (ICF Certified Associate coach)
▪ 2011 – 2012 Head of QA & Tech Support at, Germany
▪ 2001 – 2011 Various management roles, Equero Future Net AG, Germany
▪ 2000 – 2001 Software developer, RapidSolution GmbH, Germany
▪ 03/1999 – 10/1999 Software Trainee, EDS Lanka, Sri Lanka

Experience as Coach

Intercultural coach and trainer (Certified Professional Coach, ICF Associate Certified Coach)

  • Learnship Networks GmbH – Online intercultural training; Content development
  • Freund Victoria Gartengeräte GmbH Training – Conflict management & Mediation
  • Third-Culture Kids – Coaching & tutoring repatriated TCKs (IB curriculam)
  • Crossculture Academy, Stuttgart – Cultural training for assignees of MNC and their families to HQ in Germany and assignees & partners to India; Group training for Stuttgart based German executives working with Indian colleagues/suppliers.
  • BresMed India – Leadership coaching for executives, Career coaching for employees moving to the UK
  • EL Shaddai, Goa, India – Leadership coaching for the director, Management training for executives (confidence, team-building)
  • Alliance Française(AF), Goa, India – Cultural-coaching for the french Deputy-Director
  • Netzsch Technologies India, Goa, India – Cultural awareness training of management team on working with Germany, Pre-departure training
  • Bosch India Ltd & Robert Bosch GmbH – Cultural awareness training on Indo-German Teamwork
  • Private clients, Expats – Coaching on cross-cultural marriage, prioritisation, moving to action and empowerment

Additional Work Experience

  • Volkshochschule, Ludwigsburg – Instructor, English conversation (Level C1, Level B2) (Sept 2019 onwards)
  • Software development experience (1999 – 2012)
  • Blogging
  • Volunteering (causes involving children, migrant families)
  • Coach and comic relief for a multicultural, multigenerational family & friends

What Clients Say About Me

“I had 12 life coaching sessions with Kalaivani. We quickly built a trusting working relationship. She is very approachable, I felt listened too and understood. She was able to get me to acknowledge and reflect on my achievements and use the outcome to further my goals. I would highly recommend Kalaivani.”
Carol-Ann Furminger, Coachee, Expat coaching

“Kalaivani was always a very responsive and reliable employee. She was an excellent team-leader, well-organised and she was able to lead and train her team in an excellent way, even though it was distributed over two locations. I would highly recommend working with Kalaivani. Moreover, she is a very kind person and it’s a great pleasure to know and meet her.”
Andreas Schwind, Co-Founder, Audials AG

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.