Joanna Sell

Joanna Sell

Stories we share matter and I am happy to enhance cooperation in the global business world - “Culture is a set of stories that we enter” (Jerome Bruner)

Joanna Sell is a certified Coach, intercultural Trainer and Facilitator who believes in the power of sharing stories that contribute to building bridges of understanding across cultures. As co-author of several books on storytelling and cultural diversity, she is thrilled to enhance the development of the global mindset among leaders, team members, business clients working across cultures and students. So far she has trained and coached people from 40+countries all over Europe, in India and Malaysia. Joanna offers train the trainer programs on working with stories in the intercultural programs and storytelling for leaders workshops in the business world. She has an extensive experience working with international corporations and non-profit organizations as well as teaching assignments at German universities in Hannover. Joanna is an advocate of women’s empowerment and a co-author of books on storytelling in the intercultural working environments. She has been involved in organization of SIETAR Europa events, where she served as a Steering Committee member for the SIETAR Europa Conference in Valencia and the Program Chair in Dublin. Currently she is a member of the Virtual Team at SIETAR Europa. Joanna enjoys facilitating open space sessions, world cafés and interactive story circles and works in the virtual space where she offers and moderates webinars, cross cultural coffee breaks and virtual events. In private art lover, passionate traveller and dancer and an amateur photographer.


Germany, France, Poland, General


German, English, Polish
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Professional Background


  • 2019 certified Coach by the European Association of Supervisors and Coaches
  • 2009 Intercultural Trainer and Coach at the Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena
  • 2004 M.A. European Studies at the Leibniz University Hannover
  • 2000 Magister in Art History at the Jagiellonen University in Cracow


Intercultural Trainings and Coachings for

  • Global Players: BASF, Bilfinger, BOSCH, Colgate, Johnson, MTU, SIEMENS, ThyssenKrupp, VW, Volkswagen Financial Services
  • Middle Size Companies: Bahlsen, Ferrero, Dr. Oetker, Zentis


Academic projects

  • 2009 –now Teaching at the Leibniz University in Hannover
  • 2012 – now Teaching at the University Hildesheim
  • 2019 – now Teaching at the Hochschule Hannover
  • 2006 founding of the own consultancy Intercultural Compass


Books and games author

  • Diversophy Poland – games in English and German
  • Sell, J. (2019). Cultural Approaches Toward Time in Global Organizations in: Chlopczyk, J., Erlach, C. (Ed.) Transforming Organizations, Springer Verlag
  • Sell, J. (2018). Storytelling with a Lie in: Hansen, E.; Torkler, A., Covarrubias Venegas, B., SEU Intercultural Training Toolkit, SIETAR Europa.
  • Sell, J. (2018). Freezing the Picture of Now to Shape Better Futures and Taking Back the Power. Interview with Mary Alice Arthur in: Re-Authoring Futures, Con-Texts, Beyond Storytelling, Almblitz.
  • Covarrubias Venegas, B.; Sell, J. (2018). Wissensmanagement & Wissenstransfer. Storytelling im Unternehmen, HRWEB, 14.Sept.2018
  • Sell, J. (2017). Segel hoch und auf zu den neuen Ufern. Eine Reise durch die Welt der Storytelling Methoden im interkulturellen Kontext in: Schach, A. (Ed.) Storytelling, Springer Verlag
  • Sell, J. (2017). Storytelling for Intercultural Understanding & Cultural Sensitivity Development in: Chlopczyk, J. (Ed.) Beyond Storytelling, Springer Verlag
  • Sell, J. (2016). Interkulturelle Kompetenzentwicklung – eine Chance auf eine gelungene Kommunikation über die Grenzen hinweg in: Vedder, G. Personal und Diversität
  • Sell, J. (2016). When Tears turn into music – the impact of Frederic Chopin’s migration on his oeuvre in: Josko-Ochojska, J. (Ed.) Medical and Social Aspects of Trauma, Śląski Uniwesytet Medyczny
  • Sell, J. (2015). The Power of visual Storytelling in: SIETAR Europa Journal, Sept.-Nov.
  • Sell, J. (2014). RAINBOW – cross-cultural skills development in order to more effective coping with culture change stress in: Prof. Jadwiga Josko-Ochojska (Ed.), Stres nasz codzienny, SUM
  • Sell, J. (2013). Geschäftskultur Polen, Conbook Verlag. (Book on business culture in Poland)


Volunteer Experience

  • SIETAR Europa – co-organisation of two conferences in Valencia 2015 and Dublin 2019
  • IWAH – International Women’s Association of Hanover – chairwoman 2011
  • Chopin Society in Hannover

Experience as Coach

  • 14 years of experience working as an intercultural trainer, coach and facilitator
  • Relocation programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Executive Coachings
  • Trainings for global teams leaders
  • Virtual Global Teams trainings

Additional Work Experience

Cultural TV arte – internship in Rédaction Multimédia

Continental AG – internship in Corporate Communication Department

What Clients Say About Me

“Joanna Sell helped me understand my own mixed culture, as well as the diversity of our workgroup. Using participatory facilitation and insightful questions, she elicited storytelling among our group and created a space where our stories could be heard and respected. As someone who works with hundreds of facilitators every year, I see special talent in Joanna – with apparent ease and concise interventions, she supported people to have deep and meaningful experiences. Her ability to surface invisible concepts, such as cultural symbols, archetypes and universal patterns, put her at the top of my list of favorite facilitators to work with. Humble, talented, inclusive, insightful, recommended.”
Jeffer London, IAF

“Tolle Beispiele aus der Praxis, viele Möglichkeiten sich mit den anderen aus der Gruppe bezüglich ihrer Erfahrungen auszutauschen, gute Übungen zum Perspektivenwechsel. Insgesamt ein kurzweiliges Seminar. Danke.”
SIEMENS Mitarbeiter aus Deutschland

“Personally, I appreciated the intercultural training on working in multicultural teams because we focused on how to handle multicultural diversity, how to recognize patterns (chaos, order) and how to improve our own intercultural competencies. I gained knowledge on colleagues’ background and personal information and got familiar with strategies to deal with conflicts in multicultural teams.”
PhD Student from India

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