Jacopo Nicelli

Jacopo Nicelli

Since 1990, Jacopo has been working in L&D as a Leadership and Business Coach, Facilitator, Organisational Consultant, Instructional Designer, Outdoor Trainer in more than 25 Countries with clients exceeding 40 nationalities. A passionate and experienced International Leadership & Business Performance improvement Coach and Consultant with significant specific expertise in Pharma & Health Care, Finance, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Engineering, It & Telco, Retail, Luxury and Fashion and Utilities. He owns the ability to communicate with the client’s business language, having been in situations and challenges that he is currently facing. He creates rapport at all levels and focuses on the engagement of personal and team performance development, inspiring businesses and people to challenge habits & beliefs and thrive for outstanding achievements. He implements cultural change, develops self-awareness, emotional intelligence, improves communication and creates high levels of performance outcomes within leadership, teams and organisations. He always focuses on creating exceptional relationships, outstanding customer service and high value results by instilling self-belief, empowerment, accountability and trust. He is recognized by his clients by speaking their same language and understanding the details of their specific issues and challenges. He helps his clients to create meaningful personal and professional transitions, developing long-lasting changes and fruitful relationships. He supports their journey towards developing and enhancing their behaviours, skills and creating focused awareness on the best ways to perform in their daily activities, projects, and meaningful objectives. He has an Expertise in Coaching, leadership development, facilitation, instructional design and organisational development. His values when Coaching are: Passion (a hunger and drive to create rapport and bespoke meanings), Kindness and Respect (unequivocal qualities I demand to myself and deliver to my clients), Excellence (extraordinary client experiences and results that make business differences) and Trust (loyalty and reliability that fuel lasting relationships). He often goes extra miles to guarantee the success and satisfaction on his coachees.




English, Italian
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Professional Background

  • He achieved a BA in Business Studies which combined with his 30+ years within people development exposure helps him understand the drivers, strategies, objectives, needs, hurdles, priorities and challenges. We will talk your business language and easily create a fruitful rapport.
  • He has worked as Principal, Consultant and Freelance for instructional design, developing sales models, training and facilitation of management skills for large and medium Consulting Companies (Grant Thornton, Impact International, Door International), Universities and Business Schools (Istud Business School, Pi-Scool Italy and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership). Jacopo has global partnerships with L&D Consultancies, Coaching and Digital Coaching Companies. He has been L&D Manager for 6 years for Southern Europe for a Global Information Technology company.
  • Jacopo has received a range of certifications for people development and training purposes by high ranked companies (Digital Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Power Presentations, Change Management, LEGO serious Play, Crucial Conversations, NLP Business Practitioner).
  • The outstanding clients Jacopo has worked with, are: ABB, ADP, Astellas, Auchan, Bayer, BMC Software, Bosch, BSI Bank, CBRE, Cisco Photonics, Citrix Emea, Clear Channel, Daiichi Sankyo, DS Smith, Eisai, EY, General Electrics, Hetronic, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson Controls, J.P. Morgan, Kraft, Eli Lilly, l’Oreal, Marie Technimont, Mars, Mattel, Mc Donald’s, Methode, Microsoft, Mondelez, Nectar, Norgine, Piaggio Scooters Global, Petronas, Pfizer APAC, Pirelli, Plastipak, Prada, Samsung, SAS, Shionogi EMEA, T–Systems, Three Telco, Total, UFA, Vitech, Vertex, Vorwerk, Walt Disney.
  • The functions Jacopo has mainly impacted have been: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Engineering, Administration, Logistics, Information Technology, Finance, Legal, Production, Quality, Operations, Research & Development, Utilities and Safety.
  • Coaching projetcs range from a minimum of 3 months to several years. All sessions are guarded by the highest levels of confidence and privacy. I always ask the level of stretch that my clients are avilable to be assigned during and in between sessions. Often this increases as time goes by. I always use a highly structured approach, which starts with a 360° assessment and is aligned with specific objectives that the coachees need or desire to achieve. Dialogue, questions, activities, exercises, reflections, assessments, questionnaires, tests, psychometrics and on the job application are the main ingredients oft he coaching journey. Often I also use a Coaching ROI template which highlights the monetary value oft he changes that the coachees have achieved. Between sessions which usually are weekly or every 15 days for a length which varies from 60 to 180 minutes, there is always a performance support activity the coachee is given as reading articles, watching videos, being engaged in journaling, being involved in reflections, activities and micro tasks.

Experience as Coach

  • In the last 20 years (of the overall 30 in L&D), he has worked with more than 300 HiPos, C-Level Leaders and VPs in large and medium leading multinationals for over 4000 sessions. He coaches in person, on the phone and through web video platforms.
  • The functions Jacopo has mainly impacted have been: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Engineering, Administration, Logistics, Information Technology, Finance, Legal, Production, Quality, Operations, Research & Development, Utilities and Safety.
  • He has achieved certifications from: CMOE «8 Skill Coaching Model», «Carpe Diem Coaching» OTD, Digital Coaching from CoachHub and Sharpist.

Additional Work Experience

Instructional design of brief to extensive training programs for up to 200 attendees and for the length of 2-3 years, facilitation, training, outdoor Team building, translation of L&D or Coaching related manuals, workbooks, handouts, questionnaires, test and more.

What Clients Say About Me

“I had the great pleasure to meet Jacopo during some coaching sessions. Besides being an excellent coach, trainer and motivator, I was pleased to interact with a frank and open-minded as well as very professional person, with listening skills, competent and professional approach as well as friendly. Thank you very much Jacopo!”
Corrado Sevega – Finance Director and Hr Manager Italy

“I’m had the wonderful opportunity to work with great coach and mentor Jacopo on a one year personal development program some years ago. Today, I am still very thankful to Jacopo for making this intensive and program a valuable experience that has shaped my life significantly better, both at my workplace and outside.
Jacopo’s coaching expertise was evident from the first day we introduced each other over the phone. Session after session, face to face or remotely I appreciated even more his sharp listening skills, his skilled, professional, friendly yet impactful approach and the assigned coaching activity based on the topics discussed during each session which have been a true game changer to me.
Thank you Jacopo for helping me shape and structure my professional and personal life better. Thank you also to Methode Electronics for sponsoring this personal development program through which I got introduced to this great gentleman.”
Andrew Portelli – Global Engneering Senior Manager at Hetronic

Jacopo is not only a great consultant but also a coach, a trainer, a motivator and also a family business expert! His approach is also focused on results with candor and openness. I have tesed more than once with excellent feedback from the audience.”
Giulio Natali – HR Director/ CHRO

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