Iveta Berkolde

Iveta Berkolde

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Iveta Berkolde is a trainer, consultant and lecturer in the areas of cross-cultural communication, with over 20 years’ experience in international entrepreneurship and leadership covering various industries. She is passionate about Latvia, and wants you to fit in and enjoy your stay in Latvia and other Baltic Countries. Iveta has a positive attitude to life and many years’ experience working with different cultures. She relates well to families who are relocating, has excellent communication skills, warm personality, great sense of humor. And as a working mother she understands the challenges of finding a new school, new friends, a new home and new activities. Personal experience dealing with business challenges, a deep understanding of corporate cultures at multinational companies, solid intercultural theory enables her to relate with business managers and provide valuable insights, using a mix of theory and practical examples.


Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine


Latvian, English, Russian
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Professional Background

  • Master of Public Administration, University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Master of Philology and Pedagogy, University of Latvia
  • International Project management, (IPMA certificate) Latvian University
  • The Interchange Institute, Inc. advanced level training course, Crossing Cultures with Competence, with permission to use Interchange Institute training materials
  • Certified trainer with Richard Lewis Communications
  • Founder and Managing Director of SIA “International Mobility “, 2018 – present
  • Country Manager, Smart Move Relocation, 2017 – 2018
  • Regional Director, COO, Partners in Relocation Group and European Relocation Alliance, managing and training multicultural team to develop and provide professional services, 2008 – 2016.
  • Board Member for 12 years on various NGOs in Latvia and Europe
  • Board Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia

Experience as Coach

  • Iveta has been a trainer, consultant and lecturer in the areas of cross-cultural communication for more than 20 years
  • Over the past 12 years she has managed multinational teams in international mobility, providing professional services in more than 15 countries, including the Baltics, Benelux, the Caucasus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania and various other CEE countries.
  • Iveta has developed internal company training programs and manuals on global mobility, conducted training sessions and supervision for multinational teams in many countries.
  • Iveta regularly runs individualized workshops and training sessions for managers and executives of international and multinational companies in the Baltics. She designs and delivers customized programs and business seminars for a wide array of business and international schools,
  • Her extensive client base includes, Global Management companies: Brookfields GRS, Sterling Relocation, Sirva, Crown Relocation, International and local businesses: Allnex, Rimi Baltic, International NGO and International schools:  International School of Latvia and others
  • Her own international business experience allows her to use a mix of theory and practical examples in her presentations.
  • Her presentations are lively, interactive, lots of audience participation, all questions addressed with helpful information and witty examples from life experience.

Additional Work Experience

Of Latvian origin, Iveta has traveled world-wide and has extensive international working experience, along with a genuine interest in helping people attain their professional goals.

During the early 90’s, as great change took place in Eastern Europe, Iveta actively worked on cross-border cooperation. She initiated and developed international partnerships in various sectors, NGO’s, governments, local municipalities in Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the USA. As part of a multicultural team in global non-profit organizations, Iveta has served as board member for various social NGO’s in Brussels and Latvia. She has lectured in international conferences, workshops and participated in projects across Europe and Africa.

What Clients Say About Me

“Iveta designed a full day cross cultural training for me which was enriched with real life examples. This cross-cultural training gave me better understanding and confident interacting with local people, gaining trust, participating to and leading meetings successfully and generally enjoying life in Latvia. I would really recommend this training to everyone who would like to live and work in Latvia.”
Manager of Global Business Services Center

“I am a UK national and although I have lived in Latvia for 20 years, I found this presentation very helpful. It was a possibility to reflect once again on how our culture affects us and how we can better understand each other. This is enormously important both for business and everyday life. Understanding people is the key to success!”
International NGO, Manager

“Big thanks for you to train us on our specific question in an entertaining way. Especially the real live examples you shared, will enable us to understand quicker our new environment. We are now even more keen and happy to explore and experience the beautiful Baltic states.”
Regional Manager for Baltic countries

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