Irma Vartanian Balian

Irma Vartanian Balian

“Coaching and training must touch the heart, to educate the mind of those who want to learn” - IVB

In order to succeed in our competitive environment, being culture savvy is not an advantage anymore but rather a necessity for doing business around the globe. I coach and train leaders, professionals and individuals in vital skills that help them understand how people think, what motivates them and why they behave the way they do, focusing on cultural intelligence, communication and cognitive diversity. The new norms are here to stay. With tailormade coachings my clients refine their leadership presence, hone their negotiation skills, enhance their professional image across cultures, all the while projecting warmth and competence. My coachings are customized around real life situations that touch the heart and thereby the mind of my coachees to make an everlasting impression. Months and sometimes years after taking my sessions, most of my Clients still recall and appreciate the style as well as the content of my coachings.


Lebanon, Armenia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, General


English, French, Arabic, Armenian
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Professional Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Pure Mathematics American University of Beirut
  • MA in Business Administration (MBA) Imperial College London
  • MA with Honors in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy ISPD
  • ICQ Global DISC Licensed Practitioner
  • Uncommon mindset Certificate, ICQ Global
  • Certified in Interfaith Studies
  • Certificate in Extended Diplomatic Skills United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR)
  • Certified as a Tea Champion
  • Certified as an Afternoon Tea Etiquette Trainer

Experience as Coach

  • Background in the corporate world 20+ years of experience
  • Keynote Speaker on topics related to Interculturalism, and Soft Diplomacy, Corporate Protocol and Soft Skill topics
  • Training and Coaching 5+ years across cultures, focusing on:
    • Cultural Intelligence, Corporate Protocol & Soft Diplomacy for US Commissioner of Department of Building &Safety – City of Los Angeles, USA
    • Protocol for General Security Officers
    • Cultural Intelligence, Leadership and Soft Diplomacy to Religious Organization to accomplish their mission across North America, Europe and the Middle East
    • Communication Skills and Professionalism to Educators in Academia
    • Global Leadership in Banking and International Corporations
    • Leadership, Negotiation & Networking Skills and Cultural Intelligence for Women Leaders in the Corporate world
    • Soft Skills to Young Adults

Additional Work Experience

  • Collaborated with major international clients and suppliers
  • Used knowledge of international and cultural intelligence to develop relationships and conclude agreements
  • Deputy General Manager in Steel Trading Company
    • Managed interaction and relations with banks
    • Implemented employee training programs aimed at reflecting a renewed corporate culture
    • Led an internal and client facing communication strategy to reflect the company’s value

What Clients Say About Me

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course that explains and highlights the Corporate Protocol and Cultural Awareness inside the corporate world. Her [Irma’s] knowledge of Cultural Etiquette in Corporate world was a huge advantage to the entire class and me. She did put her skill set to work in order to increase our total awareness on complex cultural issues that we daily face throughout the City of Los Angeles.”
George Hovaguimian PE, Commissioner, City of Los Angeles, USA

“I took several trainings with Irma (Leadership, Soft Diplomacy, Virtual Leadership). The trainings were eye openers on many levels and proved extremely useful for my role as a manager, Irma does a lot of research when preparing her trainings and delivers it in a professional yet entertaining manner.”
Nelly Mounayar Ghazal, Head of Wealth Management at EUMEA Capital

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