Eva-Maria Hartwich

Eva-Maria Hartwich

Embrace differences to make a difference.

Hi, my name is Eva-Maria Hartwich. It is my passion for boosting people’s potential and my 20 years’ experience in international contexts that drove me to become an intercultural coach. I have experienced big changes in my life several times and know what is at stake and how it can feel. Getting valuable support in any change process is key for experiencing it as something positive. Everybody sees the world through their own glasses, and I try to do justice to this individuality. A practical approach, quality and relevance are important to me. A trustful atmosphere, openness, realistic goals, flexibility, creativity and humor (if appropriate) are important attributes too. My guiding principles in my work: Give meaning to your actions. Perceive cultural differences as an opportunity, value them, and identify, use and leverage existing potentials. I am looking forward to support you.


France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, United States of America, Austria


German, French, English
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Professional Background

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certified Intercultural Trainer
  • Studied languages, translation and international relations in Grenoble (France) and Edinburgh (UK)
  • Co-development of a network of intercultural coaches founded in France in 2017: IMC Coaching – Intercultural & Mobility Coaching
  • Client projects:
    • Training Moroccan engineer teams for collaboration with German colleagues as part of a GIZ funded project
    • Accompanying German-French project teams as part of the internationalization projects sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    • Team building project to sustainably improve the cooperation of a French management team with a German plant manager (needs analysis, individual coaching, and team-building measures with an intercultural focus)
    • Introduction and development of higher education courses for intercultural management and communication at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France
    • Leadership Development: How to be interculturally competent
    • Numerous Coachings of international entrepreneurs and managers

Experience as Coach

  • Lived and worked abroad for more than 17 years in 10 countries, including 15 years in France
  • Certified Professional Coach, Intercultural Trainer & Consultant since 2016
  • 500+ hours of coaching and training in 3 languages, various countries and virtual sessions

Additional Work Experience

  • Worked for more than 10 years within international companies (tourism, media & language services, outdoor clothing & gear industry) in France and Germany
  • Seven years of experience at Patagonia, one of the most inspiring, innovative and leading companies in terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Work experience in training, translation/subtitling, customer service, communication, web, PR & marketing

What Clients Say About Me

“With my three degrees I learned everything I need for my finance role. But the only thing I did not learn is the cultural aspect of how to work with people from other cultures. Now that I work in France and with Belgium, I realized it’s all about culture. I’m grateful that I have learned how to bridge the culture gap.”
Barry M., Associate Director of Finance, Allergan

“I am so grateful for your commitment, availability, support and the progress we made together, for your way of being, your attentiveness and orientation tools. It helped me tremendously while I was in a difficult personal and professional situation that I had never experienced before.”
Marlyse F., Health professional

“The cross-cultural coaching program with Eva-Maria was very valuable. She fully responded to my particular interests and concerns. The two most valuable things I have learned from the program with Eva-Maria were my cultural characteristics as compared to my host country’s (and an airline customer’s country) and how to best communicate and identify with people around the office.”
Jonathan D., Boeing Site Leader, Zodiac Seats France

“I had difficulty with accepting change and adapting to my new position during the reorganisation of our organisation. I am deeply grateful to Eva for helping me step outside the box and find my own solution. I appreciated her professionalism, listening skills, insight, clarity and great sense of humanity.”
Martine C. – Territorial Representative, Conseil départemental de la Drôme, France

“True-to-life, hands-on, individual, concrete.”
Carmen S., Expat spouse

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.