Eva Gaborikova

Eva Gaborikova

Eva has been a cross-cultural consultant and ICF certified coach for more than 15 years, supporting leaders, managers, multicultural teams and expat families. Working with international companies, teams and different cultures, she inspires her clients to look for practical strategies how to turn cross-cultural challenges and differences into their benefits. In 2016 and 2018 she was awarded “GREAT Award” in New York in competition with trainers, coaches and consultants from USA, Europe and Asia.


Austria, Germany, United States, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland


English, Slovak

Professional background

  • Certified intercultural coach, trainer and mediator
  • Speaker for businessmen at chambers of commerce
  • Author of professional business articles for newspapers and magazines
  • PhD. in adult education
  • M.A. in Intercultural Competences
  • Certified Intercultural Mediator at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and New York and Hamline University School of Law, Minnesota, USA
  • Trainer of Youth Trainer Certification Program
  •  “GREAT Award” (2016 and 2018 in New York) in competition with trainers, coaches and consultants from USA, Europe and Asia

Experience as coach or trainer

  • An intercultural consultant, trainer and coach for more than 15 years
  • More than 600 intercultural trainings
  • More than 700 coaching and consulting hours


Additional work experience

A university teacher and guest lecturer in many European countries, consultant and advisor for companies in the field of cultural diversity, lecturer for NGOs.

What people say about me

“Eva identified topics that I didn’t realise were so relevant to me. She gave me great methods to use and coached on how to make myself more aware. No questions were left without a comprehensive fruitful discussion and outcome. The training exceeded my expectations by a mile. Thank you, Eva!”
Susan, IT director, Merck&Co.

“Eva is very knowledgeable and able to explain really well the reasons for some behaviors. The topics discussed were chosen by myself with some guidance. Provided good strategy on how to approach situations.”
John, Jaguar Land Rover, Top Executive Manager

“Very knowledgeable both about culture and suggestions on what we can do to improve employee engagement. Thank you for your help. It was very informative and will help me and my colleagues in the future. Very much appreciated.”
Peter, Financial Director, Johnson Controls

“Eva had excellent knowledge of Slovak business culture. I found the topics all really interesting and it was obvious the course was tailored to me which I really appreciated. Thank you so much. I learned a lot.”
Victor, Technical Team Leader


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