Barbara Casarin

Barbara Casarin

“Creating a successful future with yesterday’s experience and today’s learning.” (B. Casarin)

Hi, my name is Barbara Casarin and I consider myself a citizen of the world with an Italian heart. Born in Italy, living in Germany and working USA I dedicate my professional life to the development of talents inside and outside of organizations. I love working with people interested in expanding their horizons and learning new skills, expertise and knowledge. I live my passion for intercultural competence and communication in my professional life and as volunteer supporting academic immigrants from all over the world in finding their path in Munich, Germany. In my free time, I am a passionate about international cuisine and drinks, scuba diving and motorcycle riding.


Italy, Germany, United States of America, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland


German, English, Italian, French, Spanish
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Professional Background

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Certified Business Trainer and Coach
  • Certified Interculturalist
  • Certified Mediator
  • Industry expertise: Chemical, Paper, Manufacturing, Printing & Packaging, Medical Analytical Instruments, Publishing

Experience as Coach

  • My training expertise goes back over 20 years and spans from Product-Training all the way to Leadership Development Training including Intercultural Communication and Coaching
  • Strong experience in Change Management, Leadership, Virtual (intercultural) Teams, Negotiation, Conflict Management

Additional Work Experience

Additionally to my expertise as facilitator and coach I have extensive experience in International Sales and Marketing; Marketing & Communication as well as Strategic Sourcing

What Clients Say About Me

“I liked the training with Mrs. Casarin very much: professional, Die Umsetzung des Seminars durch Frau Casarin hat mir besonders gut gefallen: professionell, diversified and interesting.“
Participant in the training ‚developing self-confidence and self-awareness‘

“Mrs. Casarin integrated quickly additional topics relevant to the group learning to the specific session. Thank you for your flexibility and knowledge”
Participant in the training ‘conflict management: understanding and solving conflict’ at MMS Germany GmbH

“The training-coaching session about working in Germany has been very hand-on and full of practical and useful examples. It really helped me understand the social environment and the people. Very useful. Thank you.”
Participant in a one-on-one coaching-training day about ‘Working and living in Germany’

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