Anita Sachdev

Anita Sachdev

Listen to Connect, Ask to Discover, Act to Value

I am an Intercultural Consultant, an Executive Coach, and a Thought Partner. My passion and purpose lie in supporting individuals and teams through the pusuit of their leadership potential, in a way that is fun, inspiring, and authentic. I define myself as “inspired by and open to life without borders, forging ahead with integrity and self-expression while inspiring and empowering others”. My clients explore possibilities and insights to truly cultivate an authentic global mind-set as I challenge them to emerge from their comfort zone by exploring alternative ways of thinking, finding new perspectives to transform themselves into dynamic, confident decision makers.


United States of America, Canada, India, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, General


English, Hindi, Panjabi Punjabi
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Professional Background

A Canadian citizen of Indian origin Anita now resides in India.

Cultural psychology, cognitive global communication and multi-cultural diversity are all inherent to my professional journey which has allowed me to work in senior management positions across industries and sectors (including marketing & sales) and to deliver creative solutions.

Work experience includes:

  • Country Head – Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Egypt. My first Expat assignment from India in 1989.
  • As I found my passion in supporting people to work effectively across differences including cultures I started a new career in Diversity and Inclusion in Toronto, Canada
  • Delivered Cross Cultural Programs for Country Heads, MDs, Executive Directors, Presidents of Global Organizations in India.
  • Global Mindset Program and Cross Cultural Training delivered to L’Oreal, Bayer, Target, JP Morgan, Bombadier, Roche, Danone, Uniliver, HSBC, Knorr-Bremse, Gainsight, Hexaware, Okta


  • Certified iCQ Global DISC
  • Adult Education and Training – University of Toronto
  • Certificate in Intercultural Communication
  • Certificate Course in Advertising and PR
  • Courses in Counselling – New York

Experience as Coach

  • 14 years as a Coach with 1200 hours of coaching to organizations and individual clients across industry categories.
  • Certified PCC Coach ICF – Coach U, ICA, Grow More Coaching, Global Coach Trust – Coach Training Programs.
  • Award Winner – 101 Fab Leader Coaches Feb 2020 by World HRD Congress.
  • Currently coaching emerging and high potential leaders across the globe – the need of the hour.
  • Coaching Women to Step into the Spotlight!
  • Set Coaching Journey with assessments for the entire Management team from 5 different countries to achieve Vision – Unilever and Danone India.


  • Guest Faculty Premier Management Schools to teach Cross Cultural Management.
  • Coach Mentor dfor ICF approved ACTP Program delivered by Master My Life’s “Global Coach Certificate Program”.

Additional Work Experience

  • 25 years in International Communication, Advertising, Marketing. Management Experience. Worked and lived in the USA, Canada, Egypt, Middle East as Country Head to VP with NGO to deliver business results while developing current and future leaders.
  • 3 years Multicultural Marketing Company in New York.
  • 15 years Entrepreneurial ventures including 10 years in Learning & Development in Canada and Mumbai.

What Clients Say About Me

”Anita was “Exceptional”. Terrific Coach. The Global Mindset and Culture Program was “spot on” as customized to my leadership role and objectives. A comprehensive and insightful session. Gained self-awareness of culture gaps and how to bridge them along with do’s and don’ts in Brazil, Middle East and Japan. Global Disc helped understand how my underlying values and needs that drove my behaviour and why people think, behave and feel differently.
Jai Shanker Krishnan, Group President, High Growth Markets, Danahar

“I have had the pleasure to work with Anita on a number of projects over the past year. She has been a strategic and long-term partner to our pharma division in India. Anita has assisted us in developing a vision/mission and also leadership, intercultural management and performance skills training for all employees. She has also been a coach to the senior global leadership team based in India.

I highly recommend Anita as a consultant to any company due to her professionalism, commitment and passion for her projects. She excels in driving behavioral change to increase team performance. Anita challenges teams to think differently, helps identify development needs and plan for improvement.”
Rodrigo Lima-Managing Director India, Danone-Nutricia Medical Nutrition

“The cultural course with Anita was simply great! She gave us practical tools to better understand, manage and face everyday challenges in India, with a lot of concrete examples and clear explanations. It has been an enlightening and enriching experience that I would suggest to anyone new to a culture. I am grateful for having the opportunity to do such a course with her. She is a real professional, with a lot of hands-on experience but also solid theoretical knowledge. To not mention she is even a fantastic communicator and a very kind person. Highly recommended!”
Nicole Gabutti, Customer Experience Lead, Marketing Strategy & Technology at Roche Diabetes Care – Region International

Anita has a unique ability to analyze the brief from discussion to provide the desired solution. Thinking horizontally, vertically and probably diagonally to facilitate team to create a vision. Everyone liked her quick and objective response to questions patiently and passion in transferring knowledge to achieve results and working with individual styles of a cross cultural team from Italy, India, Nigeria and Singapore. The vision followed by Cross Cultural Strategy session and developing competencies of key managers over 6 months. She has helped in teams talking openly with each other as well as established a team identity. The individual coaching sessions with the team post training generated increased confidence and accelerated results.

Also I worked with Anita for my cross cultural coaching after landing in Mumbai. It was a very engaging session,. Anita did manage to flesh out some of the most relevant areas for an effective leadership whilst managing an Indian team in an Indian environment.
Federico Pasquini – R&D Platform Leader, Global Projects, Unilever India

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