Amit Sarawagi

“Never let lack of money interfere with your entrepreneurial dreams.” Amit Sarawagi

My vision in life is simple that any person who wants to do any kind of start-up – abroad or at home – should not be discouraged due to lack of money to invest in the start-up company. Because I believe that if everything managed properly as per my guidance to the new founder, new entrepreneur, there is no need of investor’s money at initial few years of any start-up company. My coaching philosophy is to impart best and transformational education to the person who is in need of best guidance in his or her life. My coaching expertise is in the setting up of growth mindset, start-up mindset, global mindset in any potential founder or would be entrepreneur. The goal of the coaching and consulting is to unlock your full potential by imparting relevant knowledge and guidance in an entrepreneurial way.




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Professional Background

  • Global DISC Practitioner– ICQ Global Ltd, UK
  • Executive MBA from University of Bedfordshire, UK
  • Alumni of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad
  • Chartered Accountant from ICAI
  • Bachalors in Commerce from University of Delhi
  • Certified Independent Board Director, from Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship from EDI
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Securities & Banking Laws from Indian Law Institute
  • Certification in Business Strategy Alignment from Mirror Mirror
  • Faculty Development Program for New Tomorrow from National Institute of Technology, Uttrakhand
  • Business Accelerator Certification from IOC
  • Business Foundation Modules from Quantic School of Business and Technology, USA
  • MBA by Prof Chris Haroun, USA
  • BCG Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program
  • Business Excellence Certificate, The Bizz Award from WorldCOB, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from British Council, UK
  • Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, and Financial Education in Asia from Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japan
  • Six Sigma from VMEdu Inc. USA
  • PwC Data Driven Decision Making
  • Top 50 Global Key Influencer by eYs Magazine, Australia
  • Imparted Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculam (EMC) at Delhi Government Schools by Government of Delhi

Experience as Coach

  • Over 10 years of experience in mentoring, coaching and guiding to start-up companies founders, aspiring entrepreneur
  • Also facilitated multiple trainings in Fortune 500 companies on various topics in business, finance.

Additional Work Experience

  • Founder Director in AMOOLAYA Transformation Foundation, an education charity organization
  • Founder Director in Trueledger Tech Pvt Ltd (a USD million dollar company) working in consulting domain

What Clients Say About Me

“Amit’s wealth of experience combined with the power of uncommon sense is the kind of asset that could provide exponential growth to any of his clients. Some of the most successful start-ups were founded during the most economically challenging periods like today. Having a partner who has already started and scaled up businesses can be the kind of competitive advantage needed to turn great ideas into success! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Csaba Toth, Founder of ICQ Global, developer of the multi award winning Global DISC, author of book Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times

“The thing I liked about Amit is his positive personality and a never give up attitude for his goal of helping other businesses. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and commendable thing is he infects everyone who comes in his contact with this thought process. I found in him a very sincere, down to earth and passionate person.”
Vibhor Arora, Senior Analyst FP&A at Rio Tinto

“Amit is truly a rare find indeed. He is very knowledgeable in the areas of finance, CPA, and with starting Non-For Profits organizations. In speaking with him you will automatically find that he is a man of insight, intellect, and integrity as it pertains to the world of business. He is a person of vision and possesses an opulent spirit about him. I highly recommend him.”
Stephen Underwood, G.E.O|G.P.M U-CAN Global Multicultural Marketing Group, L.L.C

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Global DISC Assessment + Debrief Offer

The Coaching Package Global DISC™ Assessment + 90 min Debrief includes the Global DISC Assessment plus one 90 min Coach Call. When choosing a suitable date for your Coach Call in the booking process, please allow sufficient time for receiving and taking the assessment beforehand. We recommend at least 72h.

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Are there any details you would like to share with the coach for this booking? You are not required, however, doing so enables the coach to more efficiently prepare for your session.