Alex Moura

Alex Moura

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” (M. Ghandi)

I’m an ideator and technologist with a deep understanding of storytelling, and enthusiastic about creative problem solving. I’m also an award-winning curator, designer, programmer, and entrepreneur, always involved with what matters now and next, connecting ideas at the intersection of tech, culture, creativity, and business. I make no distinction between design, technology, or entrepreneurship: they are all storytelling.


United States of America, Brazil


English, Portuguese
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Professional Background

  • Degrees in Design and Statistics
  • Worked at TED, Google, Globo
  • 30 years of experience on digital innovation

Experience as Coach

As the Technology Curator and Editor at TED, I co-wrote talks using storytelling to distill innovative ideas into accessible and engaging language, being responsible for discovering people and multicultural ideas from all over the world. I curated speakers for the main annual conference in Vancouver, and also for TED Global, TED Salons, TED Women, and TED Summit, and advised brilliant minds, including speakers like Scott Galloway, Noriko Arai, Doug Roble, Tom Gruber, Poppy Crum, Peter Beck, and Lydia Machova (the most watched TED talk of 2019, 8 million views), among many others.

Additional Work Experience

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