Multicultural Teams

Diversity Remote Global Teams

Remote Global Teams: Manage Diversity For Maximum Output

A new study shows: contextual diversity increases performance in remote global teams. However, you need different nationalities on the team for a higher contextual diversity, which ultimately results in more personal diversity. Therefore, challenges caused by differences in cultural background,

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Agile Coach

What is the Mission of an Agile Coach?

As an agile coach, crossculture2go expert Eva Gaborikova sees her mission in encouraging team members and their leaders to embrace agile approaches and equip them with knowledge and tools to develop their own agile mindset.

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international virtual teams working internationally

Leading International Virtual Teams

With the global workplace expanding, international virtual teams are definitely not a new trend. But now as with the coronavirus spreading home office becomes a safety standard rather than an opportunity, there are people and teams for whom virtual collaboration

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