Multicultural Team Leadership

In global business life, culturally heterogeneous teams are often much more successful than culturally homogeneous teams because the team members bring in many different ways of thinking and problem-solving. However, multicultural teams need to face the challenge of pulling together first.

Only if multicultural teams are able to overcome cultural differences in communication, in building trust and relationships, or in understanding processes, hierarchies and management styles, will they find their way of working together smoothly. If all sides stick to their accustomed way of working though, a multicultural team’s results fall short of expectations while tensions rise.

Talk To An Intercultural Coach

Our experienced multicultural team coaches support you when building a new team, laying important foundations for productive working relationships and developing intercultural synergies that make international teams so much more successful.

Select your target country, preferred language and the topic “team building” so that we can show you profiles of matching multicultural team coaches. Choose your favourite coach and book your first session at a convenient time.

  • Develop a multicultural team leader skillset

  • Strategically select and support team members with different cultural backgrounds

  • Get support when building a new multicultural team

  • Get support when solving problems of existing multicultural teams
  • Adapt communication, management and leadership styles to match expectations of multicultural team members

  • Check cultural specifics of international teams to create the right supportive measures

  • Clearly understand the working style of people from other countries

  • Maximise the outcome of multicultural teamwork

  • Prepare for upcoming international projects

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