Visitors From The USA

Visitors from the USA US-Americans often have little knowledge of the guest country and its inhabitants. They have a tendency to be not particularly good in dealing with foreign ways of behaviour, and they expect to have everywhere the standards they are used to. That of course varies from one US-American to another, depending on their personality, experience […]

Business Meals And After Work In The USA

Business meals and after work in the USA In the USA business meals and after work activities are a good social lubricant and are viewed as a standard part of a business deal. Although US-Americans are open and friendly at group common meals and activities, they do not “Only do business with friends”, as in many other parts of the world. Being […]

Negotiations In The USA

Negotiations in the USA US-Americans follow the same basic rule in negotiation that applies to all business communication in the USA: Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Experienced negotiators will clearly express the terms they expect for certain goods or services. There might be a firmer tone than usual, but the motto is still: Hard […]

Meetings In The USA

Meetings in the USA In US-American companies, quite a few meetings take place every week with the goal of bringing everyone up to speed. Usually, these meetings are brief, efficient and team-oriented. Therefore, it’s best to keep your input short and focused on the result. Don’t wander off-topic. At times, there are meetings for project design or new […]

Presentations In The USA

Presentations in the USA US-Americans learn how to present early in life. Therefore, most business people are capable of presenting in a highly professional as well as easygoing and entertaining way. So in front of a US-American audience, do not merely read your Powerpoint slides, but talk freely, knowledgeably, and in a light-hearted manner. You’ll score if you […]

Communication In The USA

Communication in the USA The main characteristics of the US-American communication style can be summed up in a catchy motto: Hard on facts, soft on people. US-Americans communicate clearly and directly on the matter but are always polite and friendly to the person. That’s why they attempt to establish a pleasant rapport before business topics are addressed. They […]

First Business Meeting In The USA

business meeting in the USA Open, friendly and optimistic: these characteristics best describe the general attitude of US-American business people. If you want to do business in the United States successfully, you should present yourself as being full of confidence and positive. Formal business dress code On a business trip to the United States, you should be aware that […]

Leadership In The USA

leadership in the USA

The significant characteristics of good leadership in the USA are creativity, courage and high motivation. A manager’s bearing should be strong and clear. Superiors should inspire their staff – usually under time pressure – to achieve top performance. In doing so, one always assumes that the best is still to come and the fastest will […]