Negotiations In Thailand

Negotiations in Thailand Before entering into negotiations with Thai partners, it is important to find out exactly who has what decision-making powers. Hierarchies in Thai companies are difficult for outsiders to understand. Decision-makers are basically those who are at the top of the hierarchy. However, decisions are not always made directly. Often the necessary information is passed […]

Visitors From Thailand

Visitors from Thailand Your guests from Thailand are accustomed to work and leisure time merging smoothly into one another. After a day at the office and at the weekend, they will expect to go out to dinner together with you as well as do things together. They don’t want to spend their time alone in their hotel […]

Business Meals And After Work In Thailand

Business meals and after work in Thailand In Thailand’s relationship-based business culture, regular informal meetings beyond the conference room play a decisive role—both in the initiation of business and in the subsequent cooperation between partners. It’s all about getting to know each other personally. The first priority is always you as a person and not the business project. Consider each activity […]

Meetings And Presentations In Thailand

Meetings and presentations in Thailand You should make an appointment for a meeting in Thailand a few weeks in advance and confirm it shortly before. Send an agenda as well, but keep in mind that it should only serve as a rough guide for the topics to be discussed. Punctuality Meetings in Thailand sometimes start on time and sometimes […]

Body Language In Thailand

Body language in Thailand Thais do not talk with their hands. Instead, Thai people often cross their hands behind their backs or put their palms together in front of their bodies. Quick movements and fast walking are also rather uncommon. Pay attention to the following facial expressions and body language: Both hands When handing over and receiving objects […]

Communication In Thailand

Communication in Thailand Buddhist values, the fear of losing face and a great need for harmony are one of the reasons why Thai people tend to communicate indirectly and diplomatically. This style is characterized by soft and implicit formulations. Hints and allusions are important. Much is said in a roundabout way and you must always read between […]

First Business Meeting In Thailand

business meeting in Thailand Thailand means “Land of the Free”. Keeping this in mind, you should give businesses in Thailand plenty of time and space when negotiating business. Punctuality You should arrange your first business appointment with your Thai partners well in advance, but make sure to contact them in person sometime in the days before your departure […]