Leadership In Sweden

leadership in Sweden

In some countries, managers are supposed to set goals, make decisions, delegate tasks and check on their fulfilment. Sometimes they are also expected to serve as a role model and to back up their staff, as has been described to me time after time. It would be very desirable – and that is something from […]

Sweden’s Cultural Basics In Business

Sweden's cultural basics in Business

123rf.com/Andriy Popov The first step towards a better understanding is to have a look at the ›World of the Swedes‹, what characterised the Swedes in the past and what characterises them today and, of course, it is necessary to compare these characteristics with other countries. This is the only way to comprehend in-depth why the […]

Business Meals And After Work In Sweden

business meals and after work in Sweden

It can be said that there is a tendency in Sweden not to go for a quick drink after work. How could it be otherwise when the closest neighbour works and lives several kilometres away, and the closest town and pub are presumably even further away? I addition to that, in Sweden family life happens […]

Negotiations In Sweden

negotiations Sweden

When you enter negotiations in Sweden you should be aware of your inner attitude and also reflect what impression you are making on the other side during the conversations. Swedes will always see you as a negotiating partner and not as a negotiating opponent. They will search for a solution in a friendly and nice […]

Meetings And Presentations In Sweden

meetings presentations Sweden

Invitations to meetings in Sweden usually come by e-mail with an agenda – not too detailed and planned to the minute – attached. However, it is of decisive significance to take care of a good and relaxed atmosphere. Everybody should be allowed to have a say. The Swedes Also Want A Say Foreign businesspeople often […]

Communication In Sweden

communication sweden

For your communication in  Sweden, you can assume that English, both written and spoken, is accepted as the language of business. Even in every supermarket and with (almost) every taxi driver you will get good English answers to your questions in English. If in addition, you have taken the Swedish basic assumptions and value systems […]

First Business Meeting In Sweden

business meeting sweden

Let us be clear straight away: if you take up contact with your new business partners in Sweden via a recommendation that is a great plus! Sweden is a small country as far as the size of the population and the number of enterprises goes. They know each other – within a region, a branch, […]