Visitors From South Korea

visitors from South Korea South Koreans are strongly group-oriented and therefore always travel as a delegation representing their company. Added to this are Confucian values that put the well-being of the guest above everything else. In other words: Your South Korean guests will expect round-the-clock service that includes joint evening and weekend activities. Work flows into leisure time. […]

Business Meals And After Work In South Korea

Business meals and after work in South Korea Since successful business in South Korea is based on a long-term, trusting relationship between the partners involved, eating together during business initiation, project work or even in the case of faltering negotiations offers the best opportunity to build or strengthen this personal relationship. For this reason, business-related topics are ignored when eating and personal […]

Negotiations In South Korea

Negotiations in South Korea South Koreans will prepare well for negotiations and research all details about your company and your products in advance. Do the same and collect sufficient information about your negotiating partners. Your negotiation should be focused on a win-win situation that reflects a good balance between both sides. Negotiation procedure Basically, South Koreans are tough […]

Meetings And Presentations In South Korea

Meetings and presentations in South Korea Meetings and presentations in South Korean companies serve primarily to pass on information. As a rule, no discussions are held that lead to concrete decisions. Discussions Each participant in a discussion will express themselves very cautiously and indirectly. This is because Gibun dictates that harmony and respect between the interlocutors are of prime importance. […]

Body Language In South Korea

Body language in South Korea The best-known expression as a sign of respect in South Korea is the bow. How deeply you bow is related to a person’s social status and seniority. If the head and upper body are bent down 45 degrees, this is to be understood as the highest expression of respect. A normal bow for greeting […]

Communication In South Korea

Communication in South Korea In South Korea, things are not addressed directly, rather they are alluded to indirectly and cautiously. Allusions and suggestions play an important role and facial expressions, intonation and pauses in speech are also important information carriers. Everything has to be seen in context. Don’t expect a South Korean to spell it out in plain […]

First Business Meeting In South Korea

business meeting in South Korea In South Korea, business relationships are primarily personal relationships between the persons involved. Harmony and mutual respect are equally important. At an initial business meeting, your South Korean partners are therefore primarily interested in being able to place you in the right position. South Korean society is very hierarchically structured, and all relationships in […]