Communication In South Africa

Communication in South Africa South Africa is a multi-ethnic society with a variety of cultures and languages. The ‘rainbow nation’ features a total of eleven official languages, two of which are of European origin. Afrikaans comes from Dutch. English reflects the legacy of British colonialism and is used in public and business life. The remaining nine official languages […]

First Business Meeting In South Africa

business meeting in South Africa South African business culture is relationship-oriented. Therefore, a first business meeting is aimed, above all, to get to know each other. Engage in small talk and be kind, open and honest. Building trust is essential to start off business together. In South Africa, the personal relationship between business partners often counts more than price […]

Visitors From South Africa

Visitors from South Africa The visit of a South African delegation should not be focused purely on work meetings. Your guests will expect you to take a lot of time for them and to take good care of them. From their point of view, a business-motivated visit always also aims at building the personal relationship above all else. […]