Visitors From Russia

Visitors from Russia You should receive your Russian business partners with the utmost hospitality. Your guests will expect their stay to be well organised, taking it for granted that they will be looked after intensively. Arrival This support applies from their arrival at the airport. Your Russian business contacts will certainly want to be met in person […]

Meetings And Presentations In Russia

Meetings and presentations in Russia Under no circumstances should you travel alone to important meetings in Russia. It is best to take a whole horde of consultants with you. This not only demonstrates your esteem, it indicates your great interest in the successful outcome of the talks. Seating arrangements Conference room tables are often arranged in a U shape […]

Communication In Russia

Communication in Russia Russians focus on relationships when communicating. A personal rapport with their counterpart will always take precedence over whatever factual information is to be provided. Therefore, they adopt a diplomatic, cautious tone. Criticism in particular will only be expressed in a roundabout way. Take care to avoid an overly direct mode of expression, which Russians […]

First Business Meeting In Russia

business meeting in Russia Let us begin with a Russian quotation, which sums up what makes for successful business in Russia in a nutshell: “Our dealings with each other will be guided entirely by the quality of our personal relationships.” Interpersonal trust is the master key to the Russian market. Only when your Russian business partner is confident […]