Visitors From Poland

Visitors from Poland As the Polish saying goes, “A guest in the house is God in the house”, therefore you should receive a delegation from Poland as a blessing, so to speak. Spare no effort in making your Polish guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. This means providing hospitality that leaves nothing to be desired. From a […]

Business Meals And After Work In Poland

Business Meals And After Work In Poland Business lunches are a regular feature of Polish business culture and are conducive to building a good rapport between business partners. Thus, it is quite common in Poland to conclude a meeting by going to a restaurant together. Having said that, business discussions take a back seat during the meal, with conversation focusing on […]

Communication In Poland

Communication in Poland If you aspire to be successful in business in Poland, be sure to bear in mind that a good rapport is much more important here than practical considerations. In other words, Poles place the greatest emphasis on harmonious relationships. This highlights the extremely people-oriented approach to communication in Poland. A constructive climate of discussion, […]

First Business Meeting In Poland

business meeting in Poland Do not expect any concrete results from your first business meeting in Poland. For Poles, the purpose of this first contact is purely to get to know each other. It is a way of testing the water, to see whether there is a mutual rapport and whether cooperation is possible. The interpersonal relationship is […]

Meetings And Presentations In Poland

Meetings and presentations in Poland Poland is a polychronic culture. This means that Poles enjoy doing several things at once, leaving plenty of flexibility for the unexpected and for improvisation. By contrast, working systematically through one scheduled project after another in a methodical way is not their strong point. Agenda Accordingly, you are unlikely to meet with much enthusiasm […]

Leadership In Poland

leadership in Poland

When talking about leadership in Poland, we need to consider that in many Polish companies, the organizational culture of the former bureaucratized socialist system still plays a major role. This is especially visible in an authoritarian style of leadership, steep hierarchies as well as in the prevention of conflicts. Among the younger generation, models of […]