Leadership In The Netherlands

leadership in the Netherlands

Image by rawpixel In the Netherlands, the land and the hierarchies are flat. The boss is “primus inter pares”, a member of the team just like anybody else. Managers always involve all team members, seek consensus among them and convince everyone of the meaningfulness of a planned project. Dutch are generally pragmatic. They speak directly […]

Meetings In The Netherlands

Meetings presentations Netherlands

Image by rawpixel In general, Dutch society is very orderly and organized. Many rules and regulations, time tables, permissions, and prohibitions ensure that everything runs smoothly. In business life, the Dutch like to be precise, too. Planning and time management are essential, as are verbal or written agreements. When it comes to business meetings in […]

Communication In The Netherlands

communication in the Netherlands

Image by racorn/123rf.com The Dutch are famous – or rather infamous – for their directness and critical attitude. Unlike most other cultures, they do not bother to paraphrase their words. They talk straight to the point and expect the same from their conversation partners. For people not used to this straightforward communication style in the […]

First Business Meeting In The Netherlands

Business meeting Netherlands

Image by rawpixel First impressions count, and you should aim for a respectable and well-groomed appearance when attending a first business meeting in the Netherlands. Business attire varies between workplaces and professions. For men, the appropriate outfit for a first business meeting in the Netherlands is a suit or at least a business shirt plus […]