Business Meals And After Work In Mexico

Business meals in Mexico

Business meals and after work activities with Mexican partners are essential for initiating new projects and cultivating a business relationship based on trust. If you want to get to know each other or if negotiations are difficult, Mexicans use informal conversation to create a positive atmosphere and to suss out the mood of their business […]

Project Management In Mexico

project management in Mexico Popov In Mexican companies, the majority of offices are open plan without natural light. There are individual offices on the edges of the open-plan offices that are separated by large glass panes. The supervisors occupy these offices. Due to a large number of workplaces in a single large, open area, it is often very […]

Negotiations In Mexico

negotiations in Mexico

As you already know, Mexicans prefer to do business with people they know and value. For this reason, the informal exchange also plays an important role in negotiations. Going to dinner the evening before is already part of the negotiations in Mexico! Making a good impression will influence the outcome of the talks. The Process […]

Meetings And Presentations In Mexico

meetings in Mexico

Like their counterparts around the world, Mexican managers also have many meetings scheduled. Of course, the point of these meetings is to promote projects, to share information or to make decisions. However, these are not the sole purposes of a meeting in Mexico. Building relationships and trust, cultivating contacts and exchanging ideas are of great […]

Communication In Mexico

communication in Mexico

Your communication in Mexico benefits from the fact that many Mexican business people speak English. This is especially true for partners in middle and upper management as well as for well-educated employees with university degrees. However, people at the lower levels of the hierarchy only speak Spanish. Even when you are out of the office, […]

First Business Meeting In Mexico

First Business Meeting In Mexico

If you are looking for business contacts in Mexico, it is advisable to make them locally, e.g. at a trade fair or during an organized business trip. Contacts in Mexico are often made through existing networks. Several visits will probably be necessary because the business culture there is based on good personal relationships between business […]