Visitors From Japan

Visitors from Japan The visit of a Japanese delegation to your company provides you with an excellent opportunity to get to know your Japanese business partners better and to further develop mutual trust. Since Japan is a strongly relationship-oriented culture, your role as host is of particular importance. The more comfortable your guests will feel in your […]

Business Meals And After Work In Japan

Business meals and after work in Japan In a relationship-oriented business world like Japan, building and maintaining personal relationships with business partners and colleagues is essential. Business dinners in Japan are therefore not used to continue discussing business issues; rather, they are used to get to know each other better and create a foundation of trust. One or two dinners are […]

Negotiations In Japan

Negotiations In Japan In the run-up to negotiations with Japanese business partners, in addition to technical preparations, you should gather detailed information about the Japanese company and possible contacts and decision-makers. Participants In Japan, you will often be confronted with a larger number of participants during a negotiation. The more important the topic of negotiation is, the […]

Meetings And Presentations In Japan

Meetings and presentations in Japan Before a meeting with Japanese business partners, you should coordinate an agenda. Do this as early as possible, so that your partners have enough time for nemawashi. (Pronounce: Nemawoshi) Nemawashi Nemawashi refers to the practice of clarifying all possible questions internally with all persons or groups concerned in advance in order to make more […]

Body language In Japan

Body language in Japan Facial expressions and gestures are key elements of communication in Japan, as a considerable amount of communication with Japanese takes place on a non-verbal level. For a successful conversation or negotiation, it is absolutely necessary to understand these verbal and non-verbal cues. Gesticulation Japanese facial expressions and gestures in business life are very uniform. […]

Communication In Japan

Communication in Japan Japanese communicate very indirectly and in a relationship-oriented way. In business conversations, the focus is not on the matter at hand, but on the relationship with the individual. For Japanese, it is more important how you say something than what you say. As a general rule, the older or higher an interlocutor is in […]

First Business Meeting In Japan

First business meeting in Japan If you want to do good business with Japanese people, you should ensure that you develop personal relationships through frequent meetings. In Japan, business is not conducted at the factual level, via product quality, prices and services, as is e.g. customary in the Western world, but at the relationship level. Before starting to do […]