Visitors From Italy

Visitors From Italy When you have a delegation from Italy, you should keep the corresponding days and evenings as well as the weekends free. Italians mix their professional and private lives, which is why, in addition to business appointments, they will also be expecting to eat together and to join in on social events. Depending on the […]

Business Meals And After Work In Italy

Business meals and after work in Italy In Italy, work relationships are quickly changed into personal ones. After work, Italian work colleagues often go out for an aperitif or a meal together and then on to a bar. It’s also common to have a quick espresso in the cafe around the corner and of course to have lunch together. Sometimes work […]

Negotiations In Italy

Negotiations in Italy In Italian medium-sized companies, negotiations often take place only at the highest hierarchical level. If this is different in your company, you should nevertheless send representatives of a comparable hierarchical level to the negotiating table. If there is a mismatch between hierarchical levels and seniority, Italians will take this as a lack of respect […]

Meetings And Presentations In Italy

Meetings And Presentations In Italy In Italy, meetings are mainly for brainstorming. It is seldom that concrete decisions are made. Although an Italian manager will exchange ideas with his team in the meeting, the final decision is made either alone or in a small circle with representatives of the same hierarchy level. Setting dates and punctuality In Italy, meetings […]

Body Language In Italy

Body Language In Italy In a high-context culture such as Italy, facial expressions and body language are important ways of communicating information. Italians frequently communicate with each other with just a wink or hand gesture. They also reinforce their verbal communication with strong gesticulations. So don’t just pay attention to what is said, but stay tuned to other […]

Communication In Italy

Communication in Italy In Italy, every conversation starts with small talk in order to create a good atmosphere through similarities and common ground. Be appreciative of the country and its people, art and culture as well as its design and architecture. Avoid any critical comments. Personal matters such as place of origin, family and hobbies are also […]

First Business Meeting In Italy

Business Meeting In Italy At your first business meeting in Italy, you should definitely cut a bella figura—a fine figure. First and foremost, you need to sell yourself, not the project or product you have in mind. Dress code Italians pay a lot of attention to outward appearances. Fashionable clothing, designer labels and – most importantly – expensive, […]