Visitors From Indonesia

Visitors From Indonesia When your Indonesian business friends come to your country for a visit, you should make sure that you make a lot of time available for them and not plan a really tight program. Indonesians have a relaxed understanding of time and are more likely to go with the flow rather than adhere to a […]

Presentations In Indonesia

Presentations In Indonesia A presentation can quickly turn into a formal matter in Indonesia. Be sure to officially invite all the participants you want to attend the event, but don’t be surprised if more people show up. Some people may just be curious or want to get a personal impression of you. There may also be a […]

Meetings In Indonesia

Meetings In Indonesia You will quickly notice that meetings in Indonesia are rather casual. You might even get the impression that the talks are somewhat aimless. Indonesians are also very flexible in terms of time. A meeting will rarely start on time and can last an hour or even a whole day. Interruptions are possible at any […]

Body Language In Indonesia

Body Language In Indonesia Yes, it’s true, Indonesians do smile a lot. This does not mean, however, that they are always in a “good mood” and are positive about everything and everyone. A smile can mean many different things in Indonesia. In addition to showing joy or politeness, anger, embarrassment, insecurity or sadness can also be expressed with […]

Communication In Indonesia

Communication In Indonesia The importance of good personal relationships, a strong need for harmony and the fear of losing face are the reasons why Indonesians tend to communicate more indirectly. Their communication style is characterized by soft and implicit wording to avoid any form of confrontation or negative statements. Yes or no? This is why you will […]

First Business Meeting In Indonesia

Business Meeting In Indonesia If you are a man packing your suitcase for your first trip to Indonesia, make sure to pack suits, long-sleeved shirts and proper shoes despite the high temperatures. Whether you wear a tie or not depends on the situation in Indonesia. Pack a few, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Please also note […]