Business Lunches And After Work In India

business lunches in India

Cultivating relationships is India’s mantra for success. You are always trying to expand your network through suitable contacts. Part of this matching up is also about looking for people from whom you can profit or whose network can help you. Memberships in various clubs (e.g. golf, cricket, tennis, Lions, and Rotary clubs) are a must […]

Project Management In India

project management in India

To work effectively with project partners in India, it is imperative to focus on the possible areas of friction between an objective and a relationship-based work style. For example, an objective work style predominantly focuses on technical expertise. The Indian relationship-based work style places emphasis on hierarchy and status. And while many Western business cultures […]

Negotiations In India

negotiations in India

The negotiating style in India is relationship-based. Therefore, negotiations in India include private conversations in which there is no business talk. All in all, negotiations in India are long-lasting and require patience. From a Western point of view, it can sometimes seem that too much time is spent on the unimportant, while the actual subject […]

Meetings And Presentations In India

Meetings In India

Meetings in India are used for strategic planning, setting goals and measures, exchanging information, agreeing on the next steps and much more. They are all about discussion and arguments. However, emotional or highly competitive behaviour of individual members or teams cannot be ruled out. Indians are used to showing themselves in the best possible light […]

Communication In India

Communication In India

For business communication in India, English is the lingua franca. Almost all Indian business people have attended English Medium Schools and completed their studies in English. Many have been trained in England, the USA or Canada. You can therefore expect a high standard of language skills with a differentiated vocabulary in India’s business world. Sometimes […]

Initiating Business In India

Initiating Business In India

India is a relationship-intensive culture. This is why it isn’t possible to launch your business from the sidelines; it will require your full concentration and attention. Even if you have already been successful in other Asian countries, you should bear in mind that, despite many similarities, India still has cultural peculiarities that must be correctly […]