Business Meals And After Work In Hungary

Business Meals And After Work In Hungary Business meals are a wonderful opportunity to get to know your Hungarian business partners and to develop personal relationships. Be sure to accept an invitation to a meal – and if the business is not getting off to a good start, take the opportunity to continue discussions at this informal level. First Business Meeting […]

Negotiations In Hungary

Negotiations In Hungary Hungarians allow their relationships to be a part of negotiations. From their point of view, both sides bear the responsibility in negotiations for concluding a deal that is equally positive for all. The Hungarian negotiating style is therefore always cooperative. Participants The actual decision-makers in Hungary often do not sit at the negotiating table […]

Meetings And Presentations In Hungary

Meetings And Presentations In Hungary Meetings in Hungarian companies are mainly used to communicate information. The actual work, on the other hand, takes place in informal conversations in small groups or in face-to-face conversations and then “made official” in the meeting. As a result, a lot of information is assumed to be already known in meetings. Punctuality Punctuality is […]

First Business Meeting In Hungary

Business Meeting In Hungary Hungary is a relationship culture. Business relationships are therefore always also personal relationships. Congeniality and mutual trust are the be-all and end-all of relationships. At a first business meeting, Hungarians will not only see a representative of a company in front of them, but also an individual person. Dress code A first meeting provides […]

Communication In Hungary

Communication In Hungary How something is said is often more important in Hungary than what is actually said. Polite phrases, which may seem almost subservient to us, are the rule here in the business environment. Rudeness, on the other hand, tends to be perceived as an insult. Indirect communication Due to the high relationship orientation of the […]