Business Meals And After Work In Great Britain

Business Meals and After Work in Great Britain

Great Britain is not renowned for its culinary perfection or prolonged meals in the same way as France for instance. Nevertheless, there too, business meals with colleagues and business partners are by no means uncommon. However, they do not serve to continue the negotiations or finish the discussions which took place earlier on in the […]

Negotiations In Great Britain

Negotiations In Great Britain

Negotiating parties need one another otherwise they would not be taking part in negotiations with one another. That is the attitude taken by British business partners. A common ground forms the basis for achieving a fair deal. In order to reach this goal, you get to know your negotiating partners and find out what for […]

Meetings And Presentations In Great Britain

Meetings And Presentations In Great Britain

Most British abstain from long preparations for a meeting as they consider a meeting a suitable setting to exchange ideas. For them, it is not about presenting elaborate drafts. So, the discussion, as well as looking at a specific situation from various angles, exploring different options form the centrepiece of most meetings with the British. […]

Communication In Great Britain

Communication in Great Britain

The complete Oxford Dictionary contains 500,000 words. This may easily lead to the conclusion that the repertoire of linguistic expressions is very differentiated and varied in English. Furthermore, there are approximately 340 million people worldwide today, who speak English as their mother tongue not to mention all those who speak English as a second language. […]

First Business Meeting In Great Britain

Business Meeting in Great Britain Popov Even though Great Britain counts to the individualistic countries in this world, the British like to stick to traditions – more or less as an opposite pole. ›Traditional‹ means that something has sustained the change of time, and it has proven successful. A bright new tomorrow, bathed in the warm glow of yesterday […]

Leadership In Great Britain

leadership in Great Britain UK

Who Is The Boss Here? If you were not told beforehand, you might well pose this question when you attend a meeting with several British businessmen. The concept of understatement applies to leadership in Great Britain: do not put yourself in the foreground, maintain a low profile, do not emphasise your status. Who leads the […]