Business Meals And After Work In Germany

business meals Germany Business meals in Germany are quite common but they often don’t take place until the most important part of negotiation has been concluded. Business partners meet on a professional basis and too private topics are mostly excluded. However, it is not unusual to talk about hobbies or spare time activities, e.g. holiday destinations or […]

Negotiations In Germany

negotiations in Germany

Negotiations in Germany can take rather a long time since Germans first of all collect and discuss all the information needed to reach a decision. These discussions can sometimes go into great detail, as they form the basis for making the final decision. This phase of a cooperation is considered to be very crucial. Many […]

Meetings And Presentations In Germany

time concepts

stockbroker/ To meetings and presentations in Germany you should come well prepared and ready to passionately debate and defend your viewpoints. One explanation why meetings can become rather large in regard to the number of participants is that German companies tend to employ specialist. In discussions, designated specialists from various departments are expected to contribute […]

Communication In Germany

communication in Germany communication style

imagesource As every culture, the German business culture is shaped by its underlying ideas of what appropriate communication manners are, and how you would like your counterpart to perceive you. The underlying idea is that structured thinking and working, which is transparent and based on facts, is the best way to avoid mistakes and […]

First Business Meeting In Germany

Business meeting Germany Popov When meeting with German business people for the first time, it is important to inform yourself well about the company and whom you will talk to. A first business meeting in Germany should be well planned and organised beforehand.  German business partners meet you on a professional level. They see you in your […]