Visitors From France

Visitors From France You can tell your standing with your business partner and how important your collaboration is to them by how they host you in their country. That means that if you are the host, make every effort to ensure that your French guests will feel at home. This can be done by providing amenities such […]

Business Meals And After Work In France

Business Meals And After Work In France

It is absolutely essential in France to strengthen business contacts by cultivating personal relationships because trust – beyond such things as products, services or quality – is generated by communication between people. It is not possible to form a long-term, successful business relationship without trust. Eating Together Business meals in France usually take place at […]

Project Management In France

project management in France

If you walk along the corridors and around the offices of a French company you will most probably see small groups of people every now and then standing around talking or having lively discussions. The atmosphere in the group may be high-spirited or one of concentration. Do not assume that they are all taking time […]

Negotiations In France

negotiations in France

When conducting negotiations in France, as in all other circumstances where people come into contact with one another, it is particularly important not just to communicate naked facts. However, do not be deceived by the often friendly, even humorous and relaxed way of dealing with one another. When the French engage in talks they too […]

Presentations In France

Presentations In France Depending on the occasion, a presentation in France can be either formal or very formal. For example, it is quite possible that the company head is present – regardless of whether they have been invited or not. That doesn’t mean that they are there to take control of everything. From a French point of […]

Communication In France

communication in France

There are many aspects to communication in France and everywhere elese in the world because it is closely linked to us as people. The different situations we have to deal with influence the way we express ourselves. We know too, that we cannot not communicate. Communication comprises far more than just verbal expression. All this […]

First Business Meeting In France

Business Meeting In France In France, maintaining a personal relationship between business partners is of considerable importance. Personality traits such as openness, accessibility, reliability or simply mutual liking usually determine whether business initiation is successful or not. Get to know each other It is therefore quite common in France to chat a little with a new business partner […]

Meetings In France

Meetings In France Before you go to a meeting in France, you should inform yourself beforehand about what kind of meeting it is. If it is an in-house meeting, then it is merely an informal exchange of ideas, a “sounding out” of a specific project or topic.  At this type of meeting, participants determine the current phase […]

Leadership In France

leadership in France

The French have something in common with their German-speaking neighbours: they each describe the other’s style of leadership as authoritarian, hierarchically organised and even thirsty for power. However, behavioural patterns which lead to this thinking differ considerably. How they see themselves (self-perception) is different from how they are seen by the other. One’s own style […]