Business Meals And After Work In Denmark

business meals after work Denmark Danes tend to separate business from personal and family matters. There is life after work. It is therefore rather rare for a foreign business partner to be invited to Denmark in the evenings or on weekends. However, it is quite common to eat together with your business partner. Such lunches are always an occasion […]

Negotiations In Denmark

negotiations in Denmark Danes are keen on reaching an agreement once negotiations are underway. This is why your Danish partners enter the negotiations with realistic ideas, not with high demands that would have to be renegotiated. They listen in a friendly manner and are willing to cooperate with you as a future contractual partner. It is clear […]

Meetings And Presentations In Denmark

meetings and presentations in Denmark Danes are pragmatic. This is why a meeting does not begin until everyone has arrived and taken their seats. After all, you don’t want to have to say the same thing over and over again. It is alright to be fashionably late to official business meetings in Denmark—for some. As a guest, you must […]

Body Language In Denmark

body language in Denmark Danes are generally very cheerful and relaxed. They like to laugh and like people who have a sense of humour – the blacker and drier the better. So be sociable and amusing, but please do restrain yourself from laughing out loud and slapping your thighs. The Danes are not a loud, noisy people and […]

Communication In Denmark

communication in Denmark Danes don’t beat about the bush and are quick to get down to brass tacks. Communication is goal-oriented and direct, and their way of speaking is clear and precise. Regarding this please keep in mind that people in Denmark tend to use low context communication; there is no need to read between the lines, […]

First Business Meeting In Denmark

business meeting Denmark You should prepare thoroughly for your first business meeting in Denmark, as all parties are keen to achieve a tangible result. Be friendly, attentive and authentic. This is the kind of behaviour that Danes like best! Dress code The question of what to wear at a business meeting in Denmark is easily answered. If […]